Jim Carrey, the first appearance of his new boyfriend, four years after his former partner's suicide. Who is the PHOTO woman?

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Jim Carrey, nominated for the Golden Globe Awards 2019, who took place on Sunday night in Los Angeles, appeared on the red carpet with his new boyfriend, 34-year-old Ginger Gonzaga actress.

The two play together in the comedy series "Kidding", and the actor's representative confirmed that the couple formed a couple without further details, writes Daily Mail.

Ginger Gonzaga chose for the red carpet a simple black dress with an empty shoulder that showed him the silhouette, while Jim Carrey had a marine suit, a black shirt and a black tie.

The two smiled and posed relaxed in front of the cameras, writes Daily Mail.

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It is the first public appearance of the actor along with a new boyfriend after the death of his former partner, Cathrion White, who died of an overdose in 2015. The American actor was tried to kill his ex-boyfriend, his mother and former husband accused the star to buy the drugs the young woman used to commit suicide.

At that time, Jim Carrey claimed that such accusations are ashamed and have the sole purpose of financial profit for those who filed the lawsuits. Cathrion White left one suicide note, motivates his movement and asks for forgiveness for the Canadian actor. The two began their relationship in 2012, but they broke up in a few months, and in the spring of 2015 they resumed their relationship.

In November last year, Radio Times actor testified that she was living an isolated life, but she did not attend meetings with other women.

Jim Carrey was married twice with actress Melissa Wormer, whom she divorced in 1995 after eight years of relationship. In 1996, he married actress Lauren Holly, who broke up after just one year's marriage.

Ginger Gonzaga, American actress, writer and director, is known for the role of Christy in the series "Cohabitants" (2015) produced by HBO, "Maggie", "I Dying Up Here" (2017), "Peggy" Series Legit "(2013) and" Lorena "from the drama" Chance "(2016).

Ginger debuted as an actress in the successful comedy "Ted" in 2012, and as a director he debuted with the short film "Your Day" in 2017, starring opposite actor Jason Ritter.

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