Jim Carrey played in the funniest moment of the Golden Globes 2019

adminJanuary 8, 2019

USA (Redaccin) – Jim Carrey was nominated for his return to television thanks to "Kidding", a mini-series where he played the driver of a popular children's program that must live with the joy of its character for children and their multiple problems in their personal lives. A role that suited the actor perfectly in these moments of his life.

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Far from the controversies that had kept him away from the cameras, the world could once again see the best Jim Carrey last Sunday night at the award ceremony of the Golden Globes in Beverly Hills, although he lost in his category against Michael Douglas for his work in "The Kominsky Method", the actor managed to avoid unnoticed.

While Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg improvised their uneven and fun little monologue at the beginning of the ceremony, they noticed that Carrey was sitting on the spot that corresponds to the nominees for movies, as he was supposed to be at the table corresponding to the nominees for his work on television. in 2018.

The actor refused to leave the site and claimed that he just finished a movie. "His name is Sonic and he'll be out in November," said Carrey, as Samberg replied, "Come back next year, maybe they will nominate you." The protagonist of "Eternal Shine of a Mind Without Memories" gave up and left the table and said, "I took my dinner too, I don't want to leave my DNA in the movie section".

Already on the spot that corresponds to the actor about how far his table was from the stage. "I don't listen well to them," he told the hosts. "It's delay, the sound takes so long to get there," he yells at the laughter of everyone present. On the other hand, Jim Carrey and his girlfriend Ginger Gonzaga made their romance by joining the red carpet.

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