Jennifer Lopez and Emme, the proof that Marc Anthony's daughter is identical to her mother

adminJanuary 9, 2019

After all the abuse that the daughter of the singer has suffered in social networks, JLo covers her and defends her with her constant support

Jennifer Lopez She is very active in social networks, and as some Hollywood celebrities she usually shares a part of her family life, and for them she publishes photos not only of her partner Alex Rodriguez, but also by his children, Emme and Max. However, he has not always received good comments on the physical appearance of minors. In expressive situations she has had to see how many claim that the twins drew more like Dad, Marc Anthony, than himself.

With these signs, many try to say that their children are not beautiful or graceful for the public eye. JLo Trying to counter public opinion shares pictures of them and describes how beautiful they are, without responding to any of the violations received.

In light of the above, there is now a photograph in which the actress and singer appear with their little Emme, in a comparative picture, how little and the younger one looks more and more like her ancestor, with whom she has already shared the world of music as dancer and actress in her latest video "Limitless", song that is part of her latest movie "Second Act". The child plays a younger version of the star of the video as a premiere on Thursday, and has proven to inherit the talent of the mother's dance to mark a few steps in the choreography with a more than acceptable ease of use.

In the face of harmful words on social networks JLo She has always known how to protect her daughter, motivate her, and inject her with character in adversity, even though it is difficult for her to see the cruelty of some users of the network.

But for Jennifer it was not easy to open the doors of Emme to the music world. Many times he refused, so he revealed recently. "My God … For a long time I said no, but in the end, before I said yes, I explained that if the I couldn't say suddenly that I was tired in half because we had to do it. And I can't explain to you the fantastic it was. I was so proud … I even forgot that I was leading my first video, everything went around her", Assured JLo as he passed through the Jimmy Fallon program.

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