Jennifer Lauret (A Wonderful Family): Her little secrets to maintain the flame in her relationship

adminNovember 26, 2018

of Julie Lescaut to A lovely family, as TF1 currently broadcasts last season, Jennifer Lauret has grown well. The actor is mostly a mother of four children and a woman in love with her husband as the first day. She gives us her little secrets to maintaining the flame after ten years of marriage.

Since her TV debut when she was 11, to-day when she was 38, Jennifer Lauret grew up in front of viewers. of Julie Lescaut to A lovely family go through Camping Paradise, the actor became a woman, a mother and a wife, regularly share the moment of happiness with her admirers. With her family of four and her husband, real estate investor Patrick, who she married in 2007, Jennifer Lauret is a fulfilled woman.

Regularly, the young woman must leave her house in Bordeaux to leave the film. But when she does not work, Jennifer Lauret is a housewife like the others by her own recording. She takes care of her children, but also of her husband. In order to maintain the flame after ten years of marriage, she has her little secrets: " With my husband I am always in seduction, she says, I notice him, I smell the night before I go to bed, I make my hair and make up myself on Sunday "Jennifer Lauret is convinced:" These are small details of everyday life, details that allow a couple to last ".

And to get out of everyday life, Jennifer Lauret and her husband save little moments, just between them. " With Patrick we arrange small excursions in Barcelona, ​​Italy or in a hotel not far from BordeauxJennifer explains. We go out every week just for two lovers. We notice our couple, it's primordial ". Every five years, the two lovers renew their promises and organize a large party bringing together their families and friends.

Following the verdict ofA lovely family – Bernard Le Coq would not continue because of the death of the creator of the series Joel Santoni, Jennifer Lauret should have some more time to acquire her family. While waiting to find a role very quickly.

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