Jenelle Evans went to a night with David Eason after an assault call came up

adminOctober 20, 2018


It seems that everything is fine between Jenelle Evans and David Eason … or, at least, that's what they want the fans to believe. On October 19, a 911 call was launched on October 13, when Jenelle called the police sobbing and said that David had "assaulted" her. But now everyone is happy to enjoy a date night. So what is going on?

Almost immediately after the tape was dropped, Jenelle says she believes David "broke his clavicle." Jenelle shared photos of a day by the water with her husband and her little girl Ensley. In one of the photos, David is kissing the top of Jenelle's head and has his arm around her, and she subtitled it, "Enjoying every second of my life," apparently ignoring the horrible incident a few days before.


Later that day, David took the Instagram stories to share videos of an elegant night with Jenelle, where he took her to a steakhouse and they left with everything. At one point, he shows all the food and says: "and the best thing I'm going to eat all night is …" and turn on Jenelle's camera. She seems happy in the video, laughing and shaking her head, but David was getting so much reaction in his Instagram comments that he turned them off completely.

What happened on that call sounded all but romantic. Jenelle was out of her mind because she said she "does not know what to do" and warned the 911 dispatcher that she had four children sleeping in the house when the police were sent to her residence. Even on the phone, he seemed to be making excuses for David's actions, saying, "He's been drinking, and I think he got violent because he's been drinking."


Fans can not overcome that, and seeing the night in the city as if nothing had happened, had bothered them more. "I suppose an elegant dinner will make up for the assault on his wife last weekend, right, David Eason?" Asked an indignant Twitter user. "Punk a- woman hitting b – ch. Regardless of how people feel about Jenelle, no woman deserves it. I can not imagine how terrified these children are. " David and Jenelle at a steak dinner. I mean, really? This is psychotic, "said another." I think he's forcing her out and pretending everything is fine and elegant between them. She eliminated all social networks and now he has control over what we see. "

Of course, we wish Jenelle the best in this difficult moment.


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