Jeanfi Janssens and Cosmetic Surgery: "At one point I did too much …"

adminNovember 29, 2018

In just 44 years, Jeanfi Janssen is afraid of getting old. He has repeatedly taken advantage of cosmetic surgery. Tuesday November 27, 2018, together with his friend and colleague of Big heads (RTL) Stéphane Plaza, the humourous and former candidate for Dance with the stars 9 (TF1) talked about his abuse of scalpel on excitement in the broadcast Luksushowet.

"For a moment, I've done too much"said Jeanfi Janssens about cosmetic surgery and continued:"At one point you can lose yourself and not know your limit, you find it magical to replace a hole with a bump (…). You want to do everything you want baby skin."

A situation where he found himself in spite of himself. In fact, the humorist, who revealed being cheated by his ex, said that he had "too much shock"At a time when he had decided to correct what he considered as a little imperfection using a syringe."I had made my cheekbones, we saw them from the back, it's not normal"Since then, Jeanfi Janssen's visible praise for cosmetic surgery …"

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