Jean-Jacques Annaud: "The Truth About Harry Quebert Affair Was To Be A Movie" (TF1)

adminNovember 28, 2018

It's amazing, but it's your very first series …

Jean-Jacques Annaud: I have been trying for ten years to make tv. It is the medium of both the present and the future. The screens grow, the choice grows. Less in the cinema. And I can not complain, thank God, who made all the movies I wanted to do, with real freedom. I have always liked to have some pressure, we did better things. The energy in the television gives it. I make as few shots as possible, it's very interesting to work like this, blown up to the block, without letting any possibilities pass. For example, with Kristine Froseth (Nola) and Virginia Madsen (Tamara), I would not show them anything before they were taken up. They discovered everything that their characters do.

So it's very different to shoot a movie and a series?

Well, no! With Laurence, my wife, my script for thirty years, we worked the same way in this series as on my movies. The rhythm is even better and more fluid. It's fun to follow. Film boards are sometimes boring.

Patrick Dempsey is your hero. How is he behind the scenes?

I told him I loved his silence. An actor shows his soul in his silence. It is sometimes more powerful than words. With him it happened to me that I could not say "Cut!", So much disturbed me, so much he took me in my throat. These are very beautiful moments. He surprised me with his understanding of the character. Kristine became bluffing. It's a big one. Ben Schnetzer (Marcus) has a crazy charm and talent. This casting is really amazing!

What convinced you to customize this book?

It's a jigsaw puzzle and we distribute the pieces in a random way. It's fun, but it's also a jigsaw puzzle. We have to hang the cars and I love it. First, I was offered this project to make a movie. But I said, "No, wait, we talk about 800 pages, there are ten super interesting characters, you have to do it in series!" Joel Dicker, the author, agreed with this.

How did you work with him?

I did not actually work with him. (Laughs) I had different adventures with authors. Umberto Eco, for The name of the rose, told me: "This is my book, but it's your movie. Do you want to make a musical? I'm fine, that's your interpretationIt was very different with Marguerite Duras too The Lover. She wanted to settle the matter and we fought like rotten fish! If it were left, I would start right away. Joel let me work independently. He was present on the set, he was at the end of the day, he was lovely.

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