Jason Momoa opens suit to send Facebook accusation of harassment

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Tomorrow this Wednesday, the main character of Aquaman Jason Momoa was subjected to a terrible video that accused the actor of sexual harassment. The video apparently showed that Momoa fingered the breasts of an 11-year-old girl. The Brazilian publication had been edited, withdrawn from the context and accused him of something that had not happened.

The full video is on the official Momoa channel and shows that he hugs his kids in a fluffy moment during Aquaman's premiere in Los Angeles. The actor puts his hand on her daughter's shoulders to put on a picture on the red carpet. Watch an excerpt of the video:

At some point in the video, the child takes the actor's hand to whisper something into the dangers of the dangers. In the edited version, the whisper was not shown – which led some netizens to use this passage to say the child was annoyed.

The malicious video released a number of troubled comments on the Internet, accusing the Aquaman star of harassment and bombing in the actor's official network. The actors' teams acted swiftly and urged legal authorities to remove the videos from the air and punish those responsible, said Flavia Lima, of the official Momoa fan club in Brazil.

Child sexual harassment is a crime and can lead to six to ten years of imprisonment, but persecution, defamation and deprivation are also crimes that, in addition to denying a person's image, can lead to six months to two years in prison.

The movie of King of the Seven Seas has already surpassed the cashier's office suicide Squadron (US $ 746 mi), Justice League (US $ 657 mi), Man of steel (US $ 668 mi) and Wonder Woman ($ 821 mi).

Thrown by Aquaman counts on Jason Momoa (Aquaman) Amber Heard (Mera) Nicole Kidman (Queen of the Atlantic), Patrick Wilson (ORM) Willem Dafoe (Nuidis Vulko) and Dolph Lundgren (King Nereus). James Wan, by Fast and Furious and The Invocation of Evil controls the movie. The script was already developed by the author of Gangsters, Will Beall and based on a story idealized by Geoff Johns and James Wan.

Aquaman is already in the Brazilian cinemas. Check out our movie review!

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