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A sub-radar-Canadian time drama has had DC superhero in a much narrower context for three seasons.

One of the brilliant and cruel, things about today's television landscape is just how much it is, with many series that are unnoticed. And there can be no clearer evidence than "Frontier" with Jason Momoa, the once and future Aquaman, a Netflix time drama that just launched its third season.

A compelling period of drama with the edge of "Game of Thrones" and a unique angle of history, "Frontier" is set at the end of the 18th century, miles away from colonial America, as the struggle for control of territories and the Canadian fur trade is just one of the forces that govern the violent nature of life in the wilderness.

"Game of Thrones" is not really the best comparison point, even though Momoa participated in both shows – imagine the classic HBO Western Deadwood, albeit with less iambic pentameter and much more snow. (Same amount of blood and F bombs, though.)

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"Frontier" takes a thorough modern approach to dialogue and character, one that extends to one of the most eclectic and charming choices of the show – each episode of the show's three seasons opens with an epigram of a thematic resonance. But the thoughts that the creators Rob and Peter Blackie choose to quote are not exactly local at the moment: It's a mix of Nobel Peace Prize winners like Elie Wiesel and Nelson Mandela, along with Beyonce and Ice-T lyrics, as well as a quotation from "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone. "

Everything plays in the overall attempt, often successful, to create a time-frame with big appeal. The core story is a war between a persuasive number of characters, and the priority is entertainment over education, whether it is an emotionally complex sex scene or a bloody slow-moving match. It also has a banging opening credits sequence.

But while there are many appealing elements in the "Frontier", no one can experience Momoa himself. In each scene of "Frontier", Momoa delivers a real movie star's performance. Even buried under some of the thickest and woolen stools you've ever seen, he's both an impressive physical presence and a captivating performer even when he's out of battle.

Like Declan Harp is there any cliché to his story (would you think that something tragic happened to his family who sent him down his current path?), But it's not overplayed. It is also quite cool to see a drama focus on a sign that is Canonic non-white. As "Frontier" co-star Allan Hawco told Huffington Post, "Twenty years ago, it would be a white person's show."

Meanwhile, Momoa is very strong, but the supporting ensemble contains an exciting mix of stories and accents, with some particularly strong roles for women over the seasons, including taverness Grace Emberly (Zoe Boyle, far less tragic here than in her short time at "Downton Abbey ") and the violently ambitious widow / business owner Elizabeth Carruthers (Katie McGrath).


Those who wonder how Momoa has been able to keep up with both Frontier and movie busters can find the answer in the length of each season, which runs for six episodes each (a fairly easy engagement for potential new viewers).

In the end it's exciting about "Frontier", it's a radar piece of television – the kind of show that always feels special to discover. With the overheard surrounding so many large series, it can be more rewarding to explore the streaming service wilderness. The volume is often overwhelming, as Netflix has often chosen to emphasize at the expense of quality. But that does not mean there are not many great series out there, especially shows from parts of the world that may not have made it to America 10 years ago.

How to turn the great shows from subprime is not the easiest trick, but more often than not, you can do much much worse than taking a gamble on an actor who right now rises to a new level of well-deserved stardom. (And he looks much less stupid in the big areas than he does in his other outfit.)

"Frontier" Seasons 1-3 is streaming now on Netflix.

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