Jasmine Khatib has the fun of compelling Ahmed Ezz to pay expenses to a friendship school

adminNovember 26, 2018

The author and plastic maker Yasmine Khatib ridiculed her personal account on Twitter from the claim against Ahmed Ezz, who recently ordered him to pay school fees to her two children from Zeina through a tweak from her Twitter account.

"The Family Court commits Ahmed Ezz to pay £ 30,000 for school expenses for my child Zina," she wrote. "Irrespective of the wording of history, the author describes the two children as" my child "and not" their children. "About 700,000 Egyptian pounds but a single need .. There are more than those who act on my education and my two units and sister my! ".

Zina has received a court order from the Family Court in Nasr City. The artist Ahmed Ezz is required to pay £ 30,000 for tuition fee for 2017-2018 for her two children Zine El Din and Azzedine, in addition to his monthly payment of food and clothing expenses of LE 20,000. Court since 2016.

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