Jasmina Alagič: Pregnant With Rhythm ?!

adminNovember 29, 2018

Raper Rhythm spent almost 7 years compared to Darus Rolins, but after the official announcement he did not stay long. And he seems to have found the right one. Only in May officially confirmed that she was wearing fashion television presenter Jamin Alagich, and in November they had engaged in games.

At such a rake rate, many people wonder that the couple plans to grow into the family. Even the news appeared in the media that the lively brunette is in another state. However, according to our information, this is not the case. At least, the future mom knows nothing yet. "She does not stop baby wants, but she is not yet pregnant yet" says Jasmin, a close friend who would be one of those who knew among the first to be a happy message.

Jasmina Alagič: Tehotná s

Alagich prepares just for the aunt's role, since in her sweet expectation she is her beloved sister. "I can not wait and I promise to be the best jasmine I know to be, so if she turns on or, I'll take part of it to the rocket. I love you," Jasmine was confessed on her birthday to her sister.

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