Janina Uhse: Hot! Ex-GZSZ loved ones appear as a naked Eva

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Janina Uhse is known for the television audience as Jasmin Flemming in the cult song "Good Times, Bad Times".
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Fans of cool soap "Good times, bad times" you must Janina Uhse Not presented separately: For nine years, the actor from Husum played the role of Jasmin Flemming and was undoubtedly one of the favorites of the GZSZ fans. 2017 then the shock: Janina Uhse announced that she would leave the cult series.

Janina Uhse is on Instagram for "Good times, bad times"

But even after the television farewell of Jasmin Flemming, fans of Janina Uhse didn't have to do without her idol. On social media platforms, the 29-year-old is active and takes their nearly 700,000 fans and fans on their travels around the world or howl Passion for culinary experiments, Instagram fans of Janina Uhse also found one of their latest records extremely delicious – even though it wasn't about food at all!

GZSZ-Sternchen post sexy holiday greetings from Singapore

Janina Uhse put her fan base in his stay singapore recently participated and posted a very revealing image that may have accelerated many pulses. Janina Uhse released naked like never for the frivolous snapshot, Only a few green plant leaves covered the sexy curves of the actor's beauty, which commented on the recording with the words "I borrowed a dress from the mother's nature".

Janina Uhse enters sexy nude photos on Instagram – and the fans freak out

The compliment to Instagram fans was not long on the road. So far, the sexy image of Janina Uhse was provided with nearly 27,000 times with Like and earned countless comments from the flattering variety. "Great picture!", "Wow so hot", "Sexy", "Very fancy the picture" or "Beauty" are the positive comments below the hot photo. Who wouldn't like to splash with Janina Uhse in the hotel pool …?

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