Jamie Lee Curtis was asked a silly question. She gave the most emotionally intelligent answer she will hear all year

adminOctober 24, 2018


Absurdly driven Look at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a tongue firmly rooted in the cheek.

All those people who talk about how hard they have worked to get where they are.

Some refer to how hard they have tried to suck the right people and tell the right lies.

Some speak of the enormous efforts they made to machine Machiavelli and sabotage their internal opponents.

I do not blame the pain of the profession. It is full of disappointment, abuse and ego deflation.

But you know you are going to enter. Decide (try) to deal with that.

Too many Hollywood types, however, insist that they work so hard, dear.

Now comes the beacon of sanity Jamie Lee Curtis. Currently enjoys the renewed fame as the star of the horror movie. Hallowe'en.

Because the United States does not have enough to scare you now.

This week, Curtis was interviewed by Australia The project TV show

What a glorious opportunity to tell Australia how much effort she put in the role of Laurie Strode and how hard she worked, after going ahead, oh, breaking a rib.

Being an actor in a movie is not hard work. It's physical, it can hurt a little, it can be very emotionally exhausting. But anyone who tries to raise a couple of children and keep a couple of jobs works much harder than I've ever worked a day in my life.

It is encouraging that someone offers a realistic perspective, rather than a self-aggrandizing deception.

The people who work hard are the ones who try to survive, not the ones who try to reach the next rung of the ladder of their desire.

People who work hard are those who care about the origin of the next dollar, not those who care about their next million and what they will tell their neighbors if they do not get a new BMW this year.

It is worthwhile to be careful to listen to those who claim to have reached their millions and billions through "hard work".

After all, science has revealed exhaustively that luck plays a huge role, as it helps many achieve success. A much bigger role than hard work. Whatever it is.

Is not there something a little entertaining when so many people claim to work hard, while they study hard? the 4-hour work week?

So stop boasting about how difficult it is to work when the truth is, unlike many, that you have many options.

Listen, instead, to Curtis while explaining the truth in a very simple way:

I'm in Australia. People work hard in Australia. They work hard all over the world, but the people and friends that I have here in Australia work very hard. And then, for me, to say that it was hard work, someone should, literally, tell me to shut up.


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