Jamie Lee Curtis Slams Fiji Water for Viral PR Stunt at 2019 Golden Globes

adminJanuary 9, 2019

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Looks like Jamie Lee Curtis is not a fan of Fiji water.

The actor took Tuesday night to Instagram to slam the company for their "blatant campaign" at the 2019 Golden Globes. according to Halloween the star, she was appalled to find out that she was the photo bomb of one of Fiji's water models, which is more familiar on the internet like Fiji Water Girl.

Apparently Curtis came to hear that she was on a photo with Kelleth Cuthbert After her husband, who "does not look at many show business news sites," read an article on CNN about viral story. This led to Jamie informing her Instagram followers that she "specifically moved away from Fiji's blatant campaigns … where young women with their drawers filled their goods were close to a particular camera."

"I knew why it was the photographer there and I moved as I said loudly that I would not advertise anything either," she explains in the heated Instagram post.

However, the 60-year-old was photographed with the Fiji Water Girl, despite intentionally moving out of the way and stated her desire to be left out of the picture. Jamie claims, "This angle clearly shows that I moved from behind me, but still from that point on, it still happens."

The actor then suggests a way to avoid possibly attacking stars. "The sponsors of events need to get permission from people when they get them to take their picture next to products," she says.

Curtis is the only star talking to Fiji Water for their PR stunt at the 76-year-old show. Actors like Richard Madden,Amy Adams and Jim Carreywere all photographed with the young model in the background, but they have not yet commented on the viral moment.

E! News has reached out to Fiji Water for comment.

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