Jamie Lee Curtis is proud of the last-minute locker records of & # 39; Halloween & # 39; and he does not care who knows

adminOctober 22, 2018

There is almost an unlimited amount of horror movies, good or bad, terrifying or bloody. The genre has also always been a great playground for sequels and franchises due to the fact that the killers or paranormal villains almost never really die (if they were not dead to begin with). But in the case of Hallowe'en, what really makes it stand out is the resurrection of its protagonist, Laurie Strode. The sequel to the 1978 original of the same name, made a literal murder at the box office and starred in The reaction of Jamie Lee Curtis to Hallowe'enOpening weekend It shows how proud she is of being part of it, 40 years later.

On October 21, Curtis, who repeated her role as Laurie Strode, tweeted some of the albums that the movie had already broken on its first weekend (premiered on October 19). "It's okay, I'm going for a FAST publication," he wrote on Twitter. "Inauguration of the biggest horror film with a female protagonist" Opening of the biggest movie with a protagonist of more than 55. Inauguration of the second biggest movie of October in history Inauguration of the biggest inauguration of Halloween #womengetthingsdone @halloweenmovie. " Those are serious achievements that deserve to boast, and Curtis has the numbers to back them up. As reported by Variety, Hallowe'en earned $ 77.5 million nationwide on its first weekend, sailing to a cool opening weekend of $ 91.8 million worldwide with a reported budget of $ 10 million.

Hallowe'en also rose to the best start for a "R-rated horror movie," as reported by Varietyhitting That, and now it is the second highest debut of an October release, previously established by Poison. He also won Paranormal activity 3 For best debut for Blumhouse Productions. Not bad for a sequel of 40 years and, as Curtis pointed out, starring a woman over 55, an unfortunate rarity in Hollywood. It goes without saying that the actor has every reason to celebrate, and others notice it.

Curtis' "boast twitch" got his support from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who wanted to show his support by replying: "Wow, F * ck, yes, raising the level !!" 🏾 ". In a very healthy and appreciative response, Curtis wrote: "YOU @TheRock represent such creative integrity and have a great moral reference point, I am honored to receive this unexpected cry! We are all in this together!" Does not that mutual support warm your heart?

There are many reasons behind Hallowe'enThe opening is impressive, but one is definitely Curtis (and of course the fandom that surrounds the entire franchise and the murderer Michael Myers). There simply would not be Hallowe'en without her. "She is the only Laurie Strode," said director David Gordon Green in an interview with Collider. The actor resumed the role that helped boost his career, allowing the film to take a different direction from traditional horror films. Instead of focusing on your terror, Hallowe'en He focuses on his character as a trauma survivor.

In an interview with Variety At the premiere, Curtis explained why this movie has such a novel feel, despite being a sequel, saying:

"It was a film about trauma, we never make films about what happens after violence, we make movies about violence, we glorify it, but we never ask what happens, and when we ask what happens, we see what generational trauma looks like. And now, suddenly [after Weinstein], this idea of ​​women, we see that a group of those perpetrators are in prison, and the women who helped put them there feel relieved, a little, of that trauma. "

Women in Hallowe'en – especially Curtis, Judy Greer, who plays her daughter, and Andi Matichak, who plays her granddaughter – do not sit down and scream when Michael Myers' knife touches them. They're ready and willing to fight, and if that, along with box office success, is not something to be proud of, well, then what is it?

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