Jamie Lee Curtis did not like the "Water Girl" at Golden Globes 2019

adminJanuary 11, 2019

A girl stole all the eyes at night by Golden Globes: The young woman who had a blue dress and gave Fiji water to all the celebrities who passed the red carpet appeared in almost all the images the artists stood for. Jamie Lee Curtis He went to the Instagram account to charge the "blatant campaign" the company did by invading everyone's photos.

apparently Curtis She knew she was on a photo with Kelleth Cuthbert after her husband, who curiously "doesn't see many entertainment news sites", saw a CNN article about the truth behind the campaign. What led the veteran actor to tell his followers of the virtual sphere she "specifically turned away from the blatant promotion of Fiji … where young women with their drawers of water stood near a particular camera."

"I knew there was a photographer there, so I went aside and said loudly that I didn't want to advertise anyone," he explained to them all in an argument that occurred on his Instagram. Although she moved with all intention and made it clear that she was not willing to participate in the photo, she also found herself on the page. The interpreter He said, "This angle clearly shows that I moved so that she was not behind me, and yet it happened to one side."

The girl even smiled for stars like Amy Adams or Richard Madden. "Please, take a second to recognize the real heroine of the Golden Globe red carpet: The Water Girl Fiji," wrote a social media user. While another pointed out, "The guide's girl is all of us". The protagonist of the night gave statements to the Los Angeles Times and noted that everything is about "a strategy, you have to find the exact angle."

This weekend the 76th edition of Golden Globes, the prizes of the Association of Foreign Press of Hollywood that recognize the best of cinema and the American television. The ceremony was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles and was led by Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg.

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