Jamie Lee Curtis criticizes the "Water Girl Fiji" in the pictures of the Golden Globes

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Beyond jokes, jocular comments and the endless "memes" that generated the presence of a model that holds a tray full of bottles of water by the brand & # 39; Fiji & # 39; – and sometimes looking directly at the camera despite living in the Wallpaper – in several of the pictures that have exceeded the passage through the red carpet of celebrities who participated in the Golden Globes last Sunday, actor Jamie Lee Curtis has used her social networks to explain, with his usual vengeance, why such a publicity move should not have had a place in the one considered the Oscar's anteroom.

"I tried to avoid at all costs and consciously see myself linked to the absurd campaigns of the Fiji and Moët brands [la firma de champán que también ejercía de espónsor], where several young girls were posing with a tray full of these products near a camera that is specifically designed for it. I knew why the photographer was special there, and I said clearly and loudly that I would not advertise any of these brands, the interpreter said in a comprehensive post shared by his Instagram profile.

At 60 years of age and with the long history of what boasts in the film and television industry, the famous artist has not fallen into the mistake of manifesting a false naivety and expressing a suspected horror simply by the fact that these events are being borne largely. , with money from powerful advertisers. In fact, the Hollywood star has made clear that her irritation comes only from the unnoticed and Sibylic way in which these practices were conducted, and above all from the lack of prior approval.

"The sponsors of these events should ask people for permission and not force them to make a picture of their products." The perspective on this picture clearly shows that I wanted to get away [de la modelo del agua Fiji]and yet it appears in the painting, "the daughter of legendary Tony Curtis has claimed while sharing one of the snapshots released in minutes before the ceremony." My husband, who does not go into the media related to the entertainment world, he told me that I am appearing on the CNN website in a story dealing with this issue, "he said, forced the appearance of the model in the deck of the red carpet.

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