Jamie Lee Curtis celebrates the opening of the historic "Halloween" box office

adminOctober 22, 2018

"Halloween" had the best opening in history for a horror film directed by women.

Jamie Lee Curtis & # 39; Glass & # 39; s Film Panel & # 39; Halloween & # 39 ;, Comic-Con International, San Diego, USA UU., July 20, 2018

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Jamie Lee Curtis had an incredible weekend at the cinema thanks to the massive success of David Gordon Green's "Halloween". The horror film, which serves as a direct sequel to the original 1978 John Carpenter, topped the box office with $ 77.5 million, a great victory for Universal and Blumhouse considering that the film had a production budget of only $ 10 million. Curtis celebrated the opening of the film on social networks.

"I AGREE, I'm going for a QUICK publication," wrote Curtis to his millions of followers. The actress then named all the albums "Halloween" on her weekend debut: "Inauguration of the biggest horror movie with a female lead, opening of the biggest movie with a female lead of more than 55. The second opening of the biggest horror film in history, the second October film ever premiered, the biggest inauguration of Halloween in the history.

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Curtis continued: "I could not be more proud of ALL who made this creative experiment so exciting!"

In a second post, Curtis wrote that the best part of the movie's weekend success was watching his family and friends support his efforts and head to the theater. "I'll be honest," he said, "I did a cheat sheet [for them,] The same as I had when I saw "The silence of the lambs" by myself. "

With $ 77.5 million, "Halloween" almost surpassed "Venom" to win the biggest October opening in box office history. Warner Bros. "It" is the only R-rated horror movie that premieres more than "Halloween." The movie begins with Curtis' Laurie Strode four decades after Michael Myers terrorized her on Halloween night. Laurie suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder due to her traumatic experience with Myers and has been preparing for decades to bring it down if she finally returns.

With real Halloween vacations falling on a weekday next week, Curtis' movie has another full weekend to attract fans of horror movies. "Halloween" is being played in theaters across the country, courtesy of Universal.

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