James Corden and Ariana Grande can not stop going crazy in an enchanted escape room: look!

adminOctober 31, 2018

Just keep breathing, Ariana!

To celebrate the spirit of Halloween, James Corden and Ariana Grande put their nerves to the test by trying to overcome the horrors of a nightmarish obsessed escape room and things were even worse than they expected.

Tuesdays The last late show, Corden gave the fans a look at his misadventure, which was filmed in August when the Sweetener the singer joined the presenter of an interview program for a fun delivery of "Carpool Karaoke".

"I love being scared, I think it's a lot of fun," Grande told Corden in the pre-recorded segment as he discussed why he loves Halloween.

"You like being so scared that you like the escape rooms and things like that, right?" Corden asked.

"I go to the haunted houses as things, in general, the escape rooms are not so terrifying," she replied, her words loaded with omen. "But I love the escape rooms, we should do one!"

Corden, who admitted that he had never before participated in an escape experience, entered with his nerves already trembling. And while Grande seemed calm and calm before they entered the "haunted" room, her cool attitude did not last long.

The moment they entered the room, they were immediately in the dark. In fact, filming most of their adventure required the use of black and white night vision cameras. And it was the black and creepy hall, black tone, what first made the singer think.

"You told me this was an escape room, not hell," a trembling Grande asked Corden, who apparently laughs when he's scared. "What is this?"

To their credit, the room they chose seemed to be a cross between the traditional escape room, full of disconcerting ones that must be resolved to leave, crossed with the fear of jumping and the psychological horror of a labyrinth of terror.

After taking a long time to get through their first puzzle, the scared duo opened the door to a room designed to look like a twisted version of a child's room, complete with bunk beds.

Just when they let down their guard, an actor, dressed like the ghost girl wet from The ring – He jumped out of one of the beds giving Corden and Grande his first big scare before running out of the room while the couple cringed in a corner.

"You are a bitch !!" Grande yelled at the "ghost" as he fled from the room.

The adventure continued as the couple moved through the multiple areas of the escape room, screaming constantly as the spooky noises and the mysterious fog occasionally channeled to scare them even worse.

However, their terrifying journey reached a peak when Grande and Corden discovered a cellar hidden behind a fireplace that contained a giant rotating pillar and an elaborate puzzle on the wall.

Despite their best efforts, the couple apparently misunderstood the puzzle and was punished by a frightening creature of Lean Man who got into the dark room with his hands and knees and began to chase them into the tiny basement.

At this point, the audio was mostly just cries and whistles cursing when the duo melted completely and decided to just run out of the basement. However, while trying to escape, Grande ended up falling hard.

The segment then cut off Corden and Grande to return to the SUV, with the singer wearing a white bandage around her hand, responding to the mystery, raised for the first time months ago, of how Grande got hurt while filming "Carpool Karaoke."

In August, Grande tweeted a photo of his bandaged hand and said the injury occurred when filming the segment. However, when its delivery of "Carpool Karaoke" was issued, the accident and the bandage were never addressed. It turned out that they were saving that particular part of the package for Halloween.

"You're good?" Corden asked Grande with a laugh when they returned to the SUV.

"Yes, I will be, that was traumatic," Grande replied, before raising his hand wrapped in gauze. "But I'm not going to lie, do not I look a little hard?"

As for the escape room, Grande said he has been with hundreds of people before and none of them was as lazy as the one they tried. "That's not an escape room," he said. "That is one of the seven gates of hell."

For more information on Grande's "Carpool Karaoke" segment, which was filmed months before she and Pete Davidson left, check out the video below.

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