Jakub wanted sex with Bojanka live. He wants big money for it

adminNovember 29, 2018

It is still a matter of who is after the wedding with wedding parties
determined to pay a terrible sum for his own sex video
married couple.

Martin Jakubec (35), an artist, a singer, a political candidate whose preferences for a political post vary depending on what the election is about, entrepreneur and leader in one, apparently income-making and impossible. Last, he wants to get a good package out of live live on a hot night with his wife Božanka (65).

The offer was sent to portal pluska.sk portal. She asks for 2 million euros for a video. "You want to see that love is possible even in an advanced age. We offer you to see our romance out of bed if you pay us," he said in the offer, adding that he did not care who would pay the sum, about the person, the sponsor, the television or more. The money has a potential candidate to send an account to a US bank to Jakubcov.

And why did he choose to share intimate moments with his 30 year old wife so publicly? "I do, and we have agreed with Bozanka because our people are hurting people and just demanding evidence in the discussions under the articles that they will also see pictures from weddings, wedding nights and bed and amateur videos and whether or not we can really … yes , we can do it! As I said, who will pay us 2 million euros, let's go! "

The potential amount of the video is also willing to discuss, but according to their own words, both spouses have an "advantage and profit", so the maximum discount is ten percent. It's just a matter of who's willing to pay a terrible sum for the video of her married couples after a wedding VIP wedding.


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