Jade and pleasure Hallyday: Two girls "well behaved, not kids of stars at all"

adminNovember 30, 2018

In his book Johnny, a place like an eagle (Published 14th of November by Harper Collin's editions), Pierre Billon spores forty years with friendship with Johnny Hallyday, revealing many anecdotes and reminiscent of his "brother"disappeared who called him"my Bibi".

On Tuesday's first anniversary of the death of the rocker, the lyricist continues to promote his work. In a new interview, this was Friday 30th. November 2018 to the magazine Closer, Pierre Billon, and trusted in Johnny, in controversy over the legacy tears of the Hallyday clan and Laeticia, Jade and Joy Hallyday.

Calling the widow of the rocker "buddy", as he feels very protective, Pierre Billon ensures that it has"calmed"Johnny, makes him aware of others."For twenty-four years, she knew the evil Johnny in the first years, depression Johnny, the one who had financial problems … She managed everything and gave her a good dozen years of life"he slipped.

Pierre Billon, who often sees Laeticia and his daughters, then trusted Jade (14) and Joy (10), two girls "well behaved, not at all a child of stars"which is the happiness of all around them."But they hear everything that happens and suffer. Many should be careful, those who call them "adopted children", those who deny the Boudou family … The opposite camp did not spare Laeticia or the children"he complained.

Finally, Pierre Billon sees that the members of the cracked clan find a deal one day or the other. "They will never be a shirt and shirt, but they will stop swinging at some point. Especially what it's going to cost them in lawyers!"he concluded.

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