J Balvin and his eyes to say goodbye to 2018

adminDecember 31, 2018

The Reggaeton star traveled to a new level concept that New Year is the perfect time to make changes by using it on the image and surprise their fans with a new fuchsia tone in their hair.

J Balvin shows his new image through his social networks. courtesy

Now it has become clear that the singer J Balvin cannot hold too much time with the same look. (You may be interested: J Balvin publishes his album "Vibras")

In the past two years, the reggae star has worn its hair in every imaginable color – orange, pink, green, blue, yellow chicken, gray, and for a memorable occasion he gathered together to achieve a rainbow effect. and has changed into food. (Also read: J Balvin let Jimmy Fallon dance)

Now that his long bangs Justin Bieber or braids are a thing of the past, the Colombian has decided to get rid of the blonde tone on the top of his head with a gradient to black on the pages he had in recent days and replace it with a very festive fuchsia which he plans to reject this 2018. (Also: Karol G, faithful admirer of J Balvin)

According to custom, the interpreter has used social networks to show the final result of his last occurrence and has again received mixed reactions. (Also: J Balvin: in the world's speakers)

While some applaud their bold nature and have wanted to propose new ideas when he no longer feels comfortable with the intense pink, others believe his obsession to innovate has gone out of control and that he will end up lamenting when his hair pay the price of so much dye.

At least, the general consensus has been somewhat more positive than then a few weeks ago when it happened to him to make a gradient in warm tones with a touch of green in the crown – an idea received with ridicule of much of his supporter and with memes that they compared him with different fruits – or the second occasion where he happened to mimic Eminem at the beginning of his career with a dye that was more yellow than blond.

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