Iulia Vântur, in the shortest dress since she moved to India. Super sexy at the party

adminDecember 29, 2018

Former TV presenter Iulia Vântur attended a party in India. For the event she participated in, the star has taken one of the most challenging shows she has shown since moving to the land of his beloved Bollywood star Salman Khan.

Iulia Vântur chose a jacket dress, black, short and close to the body, which made her appetizing forms very good. At that particular place, the star got a pair of black boots, knee high, with nails, which perfectly complemented his provocative appearance.

"Just look back to understand what you've learned and to plan for next year. I'm grateful to all the people I met this year for what I learned from them for all the experiences we blessed." #Family #friends #fun #love #journey #life #old # ny #share #happy, Iulia Vântur wrote on her socialization account.

Iulia Vântur is 38 years old. He was a news presenter and moderated successful shows such as Dancing for you and ProTV's Farm of Stars. Iulia Vântur has for several years moved to India, where she has a career as a model, actress and singer. Personally, Iulia Vântur had a relationship with the music Marius Moga, and for a while she was said to have a love story with the Bollywood star Salman Khan.

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