Iulia Albu attacks Dani Oţil unmistakably! «Better looking with back»

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Dani Oţil published a holiday photo on the personal page of a social account. Many of the comments were positive, but Iulia Albu could not overlook a seemingly insignificant detail and decided to write a sarcastic text to Dani. In the picture, the presenter presents a hat that Julia did not agree with, taking into account the lines she has written.

"Dani Otel looks better with his back than with his hat. I don't know what it really looks like, but two things fascinate me in these pictures:

1 – to – ball bag or, please, I really do not know about the contents, and of course …

2 – The hat / towel / blouse wrapped around the head and neck.

Good luck is the blurred image of the back, and we can admire the splendor of a remarkable avant-garde. NOT!

If I were to send Dani Otil to a style competition, I would send him to …… I think Dani Otil is good where he is. Currently, Iulia Albu wrote on her blog.

Dorian Popa, heavily criticized by Iulia Albu

Neither Dorian Popa could help Yulia's answers. If Dani was disturbed by the uninspired choice of a hat, Dorian noted the exaggerated desire to keep pace with fashion regardless of the situation. "In the category" How many centimeters does your brand have? "We find Alex Velea, Dorian Popa and Victor Slav, one more worked in the room than the other. If we were to look at the pictures a bit, I don't really understand those tattoos that stuck in the case of a bad boy. More precisely, it looks like like a truffle raced over a mallow. There's nothing, Dorian, lets you get fast! "wrote Iulia Albu.

Mihai Bendeac is in the editor's way

The one who received gratitude for Julia was the actor and presenter Mihai Bendeac. Although Julia can't imagine him in the image of the man taking pictures in the elevator, she admits that Mihai Bendeac loves him even in a "quasi-hypocritical" situation. "Mihai Bendeac # Jurnalunuiburlac, dear to him, gave selfie in the elevator. Absolutely unpredictable to him, I would say. "Yes! I have thought. –Ok! Challenge on. Expect to see with me, next week, pictures in the elevator. Let's go! #imiplacemihaibendeac," was her word.

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