"It's not the humor that kills society, it's the people who speak seriously"

adminDecember 31, 2018

QI could be a rock star, but because of the lack of talent I thought I should end up with a writer. The comedy took over her life and taught her that she could be happy through it.

He made his debut as a screenwriter, started a stand-up show and only discovered his actor. A journey full of great surprises, such as Eduardo Madeira or the guy to whom everything happens, as his friends describe, remembered in an interview with News minute to.

Using his words, it was with the mythical expression "where were you on April 25?" It went to the right and began to "macacada". Is it true?

Just like [risos].

How do you start this career?

I have known for many years, maybe 20 years, João Quadros, and he worked for Fictive Productions at the time. One day he decided to challenge me and I wrote some texts in co-authors with a friend, and one of the texts was just that. The surprise was that suddenly our idol wanted Herman Jose to record a sketch written by us. In my case I had an epiphany: this is what I want for my life, I thought. From then on I have never stopped making humor, first as a writer for Herman, & # 39; Contra information & # 39 ;, & # 39; Conversa da Treta & # 39; I wrote a lot, until I started to focus on a more visible facade of my work.

The law was a very technical matter and very close to what I wanted to doEduardo actually studied law and also got to study history. Did you find yourself as a lawyer or a teacher?

My mom still thinks I should do it today. [risos]. "At least the scene, Eduardo" … Even today she thinks so. He should be a bad lawyer, he should not be happy. It may even succeed, you know. I studied the story for a very short time, but still I liked more of the little I studied history than law. The law was a very technical matter and very close to what I wanted to do.

Being born in Guinea affects your life?

It has more influence than we think. My father was many years in Africa, and I was born there, this tropical side was always present in my formation and in my life. I remember very much being a child and listening to music from Angola from Cape Verde, and I didn't see it in my colleague's house. This way of being, this cultural matrix, ends up being in me when I come to Portugal. Obviously I was raised here and I got in touch with this reality, but Africa is in me and will always be there.

I have never been the little boy in the class, I have never been the most funAnd humor also comes from the family?

I think so. Sometimes I start to look at the genetic code of the family where it came from [risos]. I think my dad is a great storyteller and improvisator, and my mom has a sense of humor to skim the black humor, very sarcastic. I have a little bit of both of them, and I think that's the way it is. But that is an inexplicable thing. When I try to figure out where this comes from, I remember in college where I went to Coimbra and passed a Charlie Chaplin Super 8 movie or comics. When we had just watched the movie, I would render them to my friends and they would sit and watch me. It would have been 6, 7 years and it's a picture that I have very strong in my head, I think it was the origin of everything.

At that time, Eduardo was the little boy in the class?

No, not curious. I have never been the little guy in the class, I have never been the most fun. He had a very strong sense of humor, and he had the feeling that he had to do things sometimes and at the right time, but he was not the one who always had the point ready. In that aspect I even had some shame.

I dreamed of being a rock star, I thought of a lack of talent that I should become an author and I ended up with a comedian He started writing, then continued to "stand up" and later showed his actor. A comedian is necessarily an actor?

No, it can't be. In fact, I think there are good comedians in "stand up", but then actors do not work. And the opposite also happens. In my case, I think I can do both. I like the stage, I spent a lot of time on stage. It's going to be 20 years since I show, I've done many. That part of the actor is one thing that begins slowly, I'm starting to be invited to do things as an actor and suddenly I give myself and I can't even write, I can't do anything but represent. I'm just writing the things I do standing up right now.

The most surprising thing to me was to win awards as a comedy actor. For me, it was something unthinkable 15 years agoIs intelligence essential for making quality humor?

I think so. There are several types of intelligence, and what happens is that the minds of certain people have evolved into the feeling of having a special display of things, events. Just as there are people who are good at nuclear physics, and there are others who are great surgeons or good writers. A comedian is a person who has a part of the brain because he hit with his head or something that led him to go there. For example, I was a person who dreamed of being a rock star, I thought of a lack of talent that I should end up as a writer and I ended up with a comedian. For actually the comedy came to me like this: "Come here, this is where you're going to be healthy." You are not just a writer, nor are you a good musician, but you can be a very affordable comedian … then you play music and literature in between. And that was what happened to me.

The famous band Onion Mole was an attempt to realize this dream of being a rock star?

I think so. What Onion Mole did for me was to realize that I couldn't live without the scene. I had never had that idea. I had already had a few moments, but since I was not a training actor …. Today I have been making pieces, movies … I learned to be an actor, doing things because I did not do school. I also learned the best, fortunately. Most surprising was winning prizes as a comedy actor. For me it was unthinkable 15 years ago, it never happened to me that this could happen. When you suddenly get a prize for the best comedy actor of the year X, you think like this: What happened to me? Where is that boy full of shame who wrote jokes to Herman Jose? It happened.

It is not the humor that will kill society, it is the people who speak seriously who kill. True racists are the goal, not the people who are supposed to be racist jokes.

And the imitations are one of the strings that more infamy gives him among the public. If you had to choose your favorite, what would it be?

I don't know, they always happen. Nuno Markl is an imitation where I have great pleasure. Physically, we are not very similar, but with the work to [Sérgio] Alxeredo and the fact that I know him well, is suddenly a copy. Even I see and I am fascinated by what is there. I recently challenged myself to make Herman Jose with her mother. There is a person after doing so, and if it goes well, he thinks: what now? What should I do after this? I've done the master.

Is it possible to make humor with every subject, even the most sensitive?

Yes, it is possible to make humor with all matters. This is now a discussion that has been very relevant: the boundaries of humor. There are many people who are offended, and it is an attempt to make it politically correct, which also has its benefits, in the new Catholic Church's booklet. You Can't Enjoy It With Our Lady! You can't enjoy this, it. One day there is a book to consult: let me look at the topics I can say.

In my opinion, there are no limits to humor, people who feel offended, see other things, not mind. It is not the humor that will kill society, it is the people who speak seriously who kill. True racists are the goal, not the people who are supposed to be racist jokes. These jokes end up waking up to this thing that is racism. We must fight there are people who speak seriously, people who think in a particular way and who are really homophobic on the streets and who are really sexist at work. These people are not kidding, they do. Making a sexist, homophobic joke is a joke. The world does not die with a joke, the world dies with a gun. I think you can do humor about everything. Obviously, one can do good mood and bad mood about everything. It's genius black humor, it's interesting eschatological humor, it's humor of all genres: sarcastic, ironic.

Is it bad mood or bad mood in Portugal?

It's bad humor and even very badly done. What usually happens is that people who do badly or develop humor and start doing well, or sooner or later, the market will tell them: I don't want to see what you're doing. They do not fill rooms, they do not have programs, they do not have visualizations anywhere, and they end up giving up.

Have we had many artists doing humor in Portugal, has there been public growth or greater openness to comedy?

I think so. For example, 10 years ago, there were no stand-up artists to fill the coliseum. Maybe Herman … We filled the Colosseum with something that was the "Comedy Club", but there were six artists. Today you have Salvador Martinha who is great and fills up big rooms. Do you have it [António] Raminhos who now filled the Colosseum. it [Luís] Franco Bastos or [Rui] Sinel de Cordes, artists who fill large rooms alone. This only shows that the public will suddenly see "stand up" and the best, or at least those who do better at this point.

All the crazy people come and talk to me, and it seems like I have a magnet for them. There are many strange things going on, strange situationsIs it now possible to live in Portugal just to make humor?

Yes. I think people who do a career well, like those I just mentioned, don't even need television. They are free and independent, they do not have a television director who tells them that this must be done like that. In fact, I think they are a new order, they point forward and live on what they live in the mood. Who fills a Colosseum and then makes a great trip has a great life.

And Eduardo never thought it better to have a Plan B in case his future in comedy went wrong?

This is a bit of my mother's thing, was to give her reason [risos]. Luckily I think I managed to be interdisciplinary in the comedy. So the worst of the scenarios for me is always good. If I stop having things on TV, I'll do shows. I get tired of doing shows, I write. I mean, since I did a little bit of everything and I know how to do it, I just have to go into my area. For example, I do not do theater because I do not have time, but I have tried it and enjoyed it a lot. I haven't done a stand-up solo long. All this is waiting for me the day they tell me: see, now we don't have a program. Oh no, good, let's make a piece or a solo.

People who know him best define him as a storyteller. Your friends say he is "the guy who happens to you all". Is it true?

Yes … yes. My friends prefer to see me tell stories that happened to me than do & # 39; get up & # 39 ;. Bruno Nogueira, Salvador Martinha, always says, "The best" stand up "you will ever do is when you decide to tell the stories." These are stories that happen to me every day. I have several strange things. It seems like I have something on my forehead to say: If you have mental problems, talk to this person. All the crazy people come and talk to me, and it seems like I have a magnet for them. So many weird things happen, strange situations.

Is Eduardo the child, Leonor, the fruit of his marriage to Joana Madeira, and her eldest son, also a way of humor?

Which parents don't necessarily have to happen to their kids, but I notice my kids, but to handle us on a daily basis, who has a very special sense of humor. Maybe it's just the influence of the environment they grow in. But I have no idea what they want to do.

It is a mortality of us, people always think, "this man must be a plate". And what is certain is that we have good times and bad momentsAnd the fact that Eduardo and Joana are both comedians makes your relationship always an animation?

There is one thing that is very revolving around us, despite the difference in age and the difference in generations. Our relationship, as well as being a normal relationship, is often based on two friends who really enjoy themselves and talk about things and laugh at the laughter. I think this works for us as a conditioner for the relationship, it is a tuning of laughing and knowing how to laugh with each other that is very rotating.

Do you feel that when people talk to you on the street, do you expect it to be a fun conversation or a joke?

Yes, this happens to all comedians. It is a mortality of us, people always think, "this man must be a plate". And what is certain is that we have good times and bad moments, and there are moments of the day when we do not even do the comedy chip, we do things that everyone else does. A doctor doesn't always think about medicine. People often expect jokes from me in very strange situations. I remember two specific issues: in economics, when I got a great deal to pay, and the finance minister wanted me to tell him a joke; And another time I had an accident, a gentleman who came out of a garage broke the front of the car and there is a lady coming in and saying, "So, Madeira, you always have a joke." I thought: how irreparable I am with the car completely destroyed … I must have made a bad face, because at that moment I was very sad about the situation.

Artists always wonder for a while when they say they don't like being contacted. In fact, sometimes there is a panic that one day is unable to happen Is it difficult to respect the sadness of someone who usually makes others laugh?

I think it depends on people. I have had very strange cases of people who ignored me in the Olympics, and I thought: he doesn't like me, he doesn't know me. And suddenly, when I think nothing is going to change it, the person tells me: sorry, I didn't want to disturb you, but I'm a great admirer of your work. I thought the person was nasty to me and not at all. I was just polite and discreet. There are also people who say nice things in a more lively tone, and we like them too. Artists always wonder for a while when they say they don't like being contacted. In fact, sometimes there is a panic that one day is unable to happen. It's part of the game.

In social networks, Eduardo is often considered controversial by his publications. Is it talking about the goal of these publications?

No, it is not. It turned out to be the opposite, when we realized that it caused controversy we had fun with it. We are very uncomplicated of this. There is a gossip behind things with many previews and we could get into that & # 39; business & # 39; [negócio], but we never came in. We have never done much to count on social networks, they are spontaneous things. Sometimes it gives us the head to do something crazy and clear has influence or not.

I will not be the eternal type that makes the imitations And can you clear the comments, often offensive, that the controversial publications eventually generate?

I read relatively well, most of the time I sprinkle and I even have some hates that I find huge joke. It is always the resident "hater" who is always behind me and says badly about everything I do, but sees everything to say evil. These even served as inspiration for one of my characters who is Osorio – "hate" who does not go. But I know that Joana initially did some printing when there was something cyberbullying, then he learned to live with it, and today I think she is completely calm.

The program does not end forever, but it will take a long breakAna Bola recently spoke to the press at the end of the program & # 39; Donos Disto Tudo & # 39 ;. Has RTP already informed you and the rest of the gang about the fate of the program?

I think the show has had a long life, been in the air for three years, and now by the end of the year it should end. Finally, it's a great way to quit. We played a lot, but we were in danger of falling. There is not much else to do and we need to get a feel for it. It is necessary to stop in a good season – I do not know if it will be forever – and we will do other things. Even for our good. Nor do I want to be forever the type that makes the imitations.

So is the program's goals already set?

I think so. The program does not end forever, but it will take a long break. I hope to take advantage of this break to do other things, but now I have to rest. Then there will definitely be many ideas, and I hope it will be in RTP that I can do it. 80% of the best programs I did were in RTP: & # 39; Contemporaires & # 39 ;, & # 39; Donos Disto Tudo & # 39 ;, & # 39; Estado de Graça & # 39;

Since that day, I have come to the idea that I am a big killer In the end, I mean that there is nothing better than Eduardo to tell us one of the stories we just talked about. Surely our readers will have fun reading it.

So let's go … When I went to see my wife, Joana, and the little Leonor [filha], on the margin. We went under a tunnel to go to the beach and there comes a guy with a very bad look. When I saw him with the wine package in his hand, for the reasons I said a while ago, I realized he was going to mess with me. Of course it happened, he greeted me and it was a bummer. He was not properly cleaned and I was left with a dirty hand … I could no longer touch the girl, I spent the rest of the morning with my hand in the air. In the middle of it all, he told me something incredible, and that leads me to ask questions of my whole life. "Eduardo, I've been institutionalized, arrested, and I'll tell you something that's really true. It wasn't in the whole prison, I'm talking in the killer, that's the worst thing there is: Eduardo, you're great among the murderers." 39; Soon, since that day, I have come to the notion that I am great among the murderers.

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