It's a staggering experience in a Liter Tear project! Everything was bottom-up

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Channel D continues to experience mishaps from the first episode of its first serial project called üst A Liter Tear aks which appears every Sunday night. In line with the surprise decision taken by the One Liter Teardrop project that was taken to the Channel D screens by Media and MF Construction, it has been learned that the format will be turned into a series of youths. Sanem Celik, who paused the broadcast for 3 weeks, made a 4-year timeout.

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After parting in the production of his screen adventure at ATV, the famous actor Sanem Çelik, who was named in a series called "A Liter Tear", was published in Channel D. Miray Daner's mother gave life to the Fig.

In addition to these, with Miray Daner and Mert Yazicioglu, the name of a successful and talented young generation, the one liter Tear series spreads with Sanem Celik among the names separated from the cast; champion Goncagul Sunar, Melis Hacic, and Erdal Bilingen, Nur Sürer, Nur Berfin Çiroğlu & nun also spoke. (Medyatav A)

even tear a liter of steel

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