"It was made voluntary to harm"

adminNovember 29, 2018

In late October, old pictures of Karine Ferrie, naked, were back on the canvas. The program of Cyril Hanouna was eager to broadcast them, causing the anger of the former candidate to "dance with the stars".

Even though she started litigation against "Touche pas à mon poste", the beautiful Karine Ferri still had no publicity. It has now been done since the companion of soccer player Yoann Gourcuff gave an exclusive interview to the parish. In this she returns to these pictures that made so much talk: "I made these pictures 18 years ago, at the age of eighteen: an age where one is naive and they were sold without my knowledge without my knowledge and ended up in a magazine and other places, as if I had asked for them. What's wrong. I did not do it, it was theft and breach of trust, I sent a complaint right away, I won the case in 2004 and they were banned from broadcast. "she explained. .

Karine Ferri is therefore furious with Cyril Hanouna and his gang. She believes that the dissemination of these images had a specific purpose: it was voluntarily injured […] What example does he give children to watch his show? Streaming these photos slowly at peak times is inappropriate […] It's violent, out of context. "

More globally, the presenter of "Dance with the Stars" is far from being a fan of the C8 show: "I did not understand this violence, this relentlessness. I have never done tv to hurt or hurt, I do not like controversy, I have always presented programs that convey good values ​​(…) This is not the first time things have been done in TPMP, it's often home.

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