"It was horrible." The worst kiss of Pedro Teixeira in fiction was with Mafalda Rodiles – a television

adminDecember 28, 2018

Invited to Filomena Cautela's program, Pedro Teixeira was exposed to "high pressure" in 5 for midnightHowever, the question most zunzum provokes is made by Teixeirinha's friend: Tiago Teotónio Pereira. The actor and now a Dance with the stars, the actor and presenter who was the worst girl, in fiction, had already given "a kiss".

Pedro Teixeira, without fear and with honesty, responded by revealing that the worst kiss he gave was to the actor Mafalda Rodiles. "It was the first one, not to be the worst, but to be the first. It was horrible. I am not an actor, that is, I did not study to be an actor, and to make a kiss scene for the first time really cost me, really, a lot. As soon as they said cut, I remember having removed Mafalda. I didn't stick my tongue, it was a badly given pussy. Mafalda Rodiles went to"He says.

Before the Tiago Teotónio Pereira question, Pedro Teixeira tried to call his friend Cristina Ferreira not to indicate which one was the worst gift she received this Christmas. The recent collaborative case did not respond to the call because she was on holiday and with a time zone that was very different from Portuguese.

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