It was claimed that Ekin Koç would play the role of Akın Koçovalı in Çukurild

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It is claimed that young actor Ekin Koç, who has not been on the screen for a long time, will play the character of Akın Koçovalı in the Çukur series.

Show the TV phenomenon series Çukur gave a confusing 15th episode to the season. The last part of the ground was betrayed. Waiting in the woods when the slope of the chest at that time expects to see the person being shot and hit & # 39; Why? & # 39; he asked. Eating the second ball, the slope was ecstatic and rolled into the stream. "Who took the slope in Çukur?" and & # 39; The slope is dead? & # 39; his questions were confused.

YAMAÇ & # 39; İ SELMM Son beat AKINEN?

On social media it is claimed that the Medet is the person who has seen the silhouette in the light of the car light. Another possibility was that Selim's son Akın Koçovalı, who did not arrive today, had met Yamaç. Akın Koçovalı, son of Selim, who has been mentioned for a long time but has not appeared until now, will be in new episodes.

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It was learned that the character of Akın Koçovalı, who was given last season's tips and caused confusion in the viewer's mind, will participate in the series after the season. The name of Akın is claimed to be the young actor Ekin Koç, who finally plays for the film.


There was no explanation from the manufacturer of the series.

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