It was Barack Obama's 2018

adminDecember 29, 2018

2018 is over, and at the end we have the feeling that we have spent the whole beautiful year primarily with annoying things like work, sleep and Netflix nonsense. For those who have not seen it past the last game of thrones, Barack Obama, the former US head of state and for many still heart presents, gives his referrals. Then you can at least do it on New Year's Eve as if you have filled your free time with meaningful art and cultural pleasure.

Johanna Dürrholz

Obama follows a tradition that he himself has rehabilitated, which in the meantime has not only become a property of public figures. The social networks currently include "It was my year 2018" image collages, lists of the best songs, albums, movies, or (smaller but actually yes) books. Even the best beauty products of the year have been chosen (but not by dermatologists).

Of course, many of these, um, memoirs are not only very private in nature, but sometimes give the impression that everything about Instagram-active people for most of the year in a dreamy bag on the beach, somewhere in Thailand (especially popular: from behind on the swing, overlooking the sea). Or how can it be explained that the synopsis of the hashtag # 2018bestnine, which assembles over 213,000 retrospective collages, come together as a TUI directory?

No one, on the other hand, gets the idea to say: best moment 2018? It was very clear when we again sucked into the gap between the couch and the living room wall (though true). Or the certainly impressive moment, which is likely to be told several years later: For the first time the car was pulled! In annual reviews, which should really give a summary of the most important moments, it does not happen. Instead, wedding photos are still holes, very polished, completely obscene engagement scenarios (he keeps her, which seems to be roaring with a thrown head, laughing back, in his arms, apparently without effort) or many little baby hands, very first Sometimes it works , to twist the parent's thumb. And just pictures lots, as if life were a single holiday or at least full of endless long walks to the farthest countries with the best food, the blue sky and the turquoise sea. Ever.

Barack Obama's end-of-year recommendations do not seem to go back to vacation. Even in the summer, he always publishes book recommendations, which – if that is the case – enrich a holiday trip, not necessarily just cute, but often intellectually. At the end of the year, however, he is waiting for several lists: a summary of the books he has read and already recommended, a list of his second book favorites of the year, with his favorite films of the year and his favorite songs in 2018. The latter should probably say that Obama, though He probably never sleeps, because he always reads very political, very important books, can also have fun. Which former president has not forgotten his rebellion for Cardi B?

Yet the man has a clue and the man has style over everything else. First and foremost, he recommends no book other than his wife Michelle: "Stay," with the comment that this is, of course, his favorite. Otherwise you will find in his tips various books that may be unknown to many as well as tried and tested. For example, Obama read "Americanah," 2013 bestseller (published in Germany in 2014) by Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, who talks about a Nigerian woman in America and her experience of racism there. Even file recommendations are not without political messages. Black Panther, the only black cast superhero film, can be found in addition to the Hulu documentary "Minding the Gap", which sheds light on the lives of three young men and their treatment of their own masculinity and origin. And the music? The music is what Obama has always separated from other politicians: just hip. One of the most important feminist voices in the past year, Janelle Monae, has done so on Obama's playlist, as well as lo-fi god Kurt Vile.

Those who have not set many plans for 2019 are encouraged to read, see and hear through Obama's sophisticated and rich lists. Before that, to relax in front of the big stuff, dinner can certainly be set for one.

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