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adminJanuary 10, 2019

Being a model is not an easy task; Catalina Maya, Beliza Arizala and Carolina Castro know this perfectly. In this new effort of Caracol, viewers will attach to the diversity and challenges that will involve the 24 participants.

Carolina Castro, Beliza Arizala and Catalina Maya will be the directors of their own modeling agency in this format, which will be sent from Monday to Friday at 8:00 am.Greetings Snails

What do people usually think when they hear about modeling, or worse, a reality? In Colombia, the fashion industry is one of the most important, but there is often a tendency to underestimate the work behind the whole process.

The agency will show Colombians the hard work that the 24 participants in this reality show must fulfill in order to fulfill their dream of being models, but for this they must pass the tests that will be considered by the three juries responsible: Franklin Ramos, Juan Carlos Giraldo and Pilar Castaño.

it reality It is divided into three agencies, each with a director, and will consist of four women and four men in each team. Andrea Serna will be responsible for presenting this new format, which also implies an innovative look for her career. "I love that this is something completely new to what I had done; in addition, there are participants who have an innate talent. There are several who were dedicated to other things and in their lives had gone on a catwalk or had thought of the possibility of Being models, it is very interesting, says the presenter. Spectator.

The three directors in each agency will be Catalina Maya, Carolina Castro and Belky Arizala. The three, with a broad career in this great universe, will be responsible for leading their teams to victory. According to them, discipline, leadership, security and professionalism are crucial to finding the star model and winner reality.

Each of them has a different vision of the format, hoping to reach all the Colombian homes to stay.

Carolina Castro is clear that this is a program that will show the viewers behind the scenes in this industry. "I think so Agency is a portrait of what is the model industry and the life of a model, how to meet many times, overcome his fears and uncertainties in order to, through his work, develop a career and build his image and personality. Another important factor is the life stories of each character, and it will make people fall in love with each of them, he says.

On the other hand, Belky Arizala is clear that the most important thing for a model is education. "I think that all people were born to be leaders, some in front of the cameras and others behind them, but it doesn't take away the protagonist in a life purpose. Agency We will go through a valley of tears, all in the form of spirituality. The most important thing is to learn to stand up when it's difficult, it's not easy, and reality Seeking to show Colombians that it's worth fighting for dreams, and the right way is to insist and never give up, he says in a serious and convincing tone.

Catalina Maya, for her part, believes that the world of modeling has become more inclusive and that this is a fundamental factor in fashion. "This program, unlike other formats already created, will show the dream of more than 21,000 people who appeared, represented in the 24 chosen by the three agencies, and the best thing is that everyone has the opportunity to be, not just the one with a pretty face or the one that is high, no, there is room for all sizes and all colors, he says.

This format, with which Caracol opened the door to thousands of Colombians dreaming of being part of the model model, also seeks out that viewers see this world with a different perspective, a real one, showing all the efforts a whole team makes to achieve the goal In each of the tests, the principle is that beauty is not everything.

Andrea Serna, presenter, knows from experience that a good model must have an added value, not just a nice face. "I will use the term for a program that I presented for many years, and that is: it takes a lot of" factor X "to be a good model, because as it happened in the program, if I put it as an example, to be one extraordinary songs you just need a good voice, you don't even have to have the most amazing voice, you can be a singer who leaves a mark, which is unforgettable on stage without being the one who sings the best; it goes much further. applies to the models, it's not just the beauty, he says.

The textile industry is one of the basic axes of this program, which has its models of clothing from Colombian designers who are highly acclaimed. The fashion world is revolutionary and opens up new forms of representation, and Agency He wants the Colombians to do the same, through the screen to experience a reality that is lived every day, and it's not easy.

"I insist and I emphasize that it is very important to recognize, to know what the purpose of one's life is. One does not come to this world to go unnoticed, the purpose of man is to serve so that through entertainment we should serve society and I want and insist that the Ministry of Culture has fashion as an intangible heritage, stop seeing us as raw or empty, because we are not at all, "concludes Belky Arizala.

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