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"That'It's an enigma," He said Joel Edgerton, the writer and director of "Child erased," that illuminates the dark world of gay conversion therapy. "The movies preach to the converts:'It's just a fact that there are people who are dying to see this movie that does not'You do not need to change your minds. How do you get people who do not?'Do you want to see this movie to see it?"

But of course I had a plan. "Understanding the business side of the film business was an important part of the casting Russell Crowe Y Nicole Kidman," Edgerton explained to Variety on Monday at the premiere of the movie in Los Angeles. "Involving really high-level actors was a way to reach a wider audience and have a higher voice."

"We'I hope to go very wide but's going to depend on the sale of tickets on the coasts unfortunately," He said Garrard Conley, author of the memories on which the film is based.

In the film, Lucas Hedges plays Conley, who grew up in Arkansas and was sent to a gay conversion therapy program by his mother (Kidman) and his father preacher (Crowe) shortly after enrolling in college.

Will "Boy Erased" have a theatrical career in the south and, specifically, the Belt of the Bible? "We do not'I do not know yet" Conley admitted. "That'It's really stressful, but I hope our LGBT crowd will support it. I know it can be trigger cast'It's a hard movie to watch but'It is incredibly important to spread this to as many places as possible. Joel designed it to do that. It was very strategic in terms of getting list A actors in these parts so that we could get people to see him and that he could not otherwise. The'It's a good businessman in addition to be a good director"

The experience of making this film served as a presentation process for the talent involved. "She's going out as a lawyer," Conley said of Kidman'The new vocal support of the LGBTQ community. "We'making this movie to change the world and she's talking about "Love is love,' which is a big step for her. That's big That'It's hard to argue with Nicole Kidman."

"Putting your name behind a movie like this is in itself a statement," said co-star Troye If they go, referring to the participation of Kidman and Hedges. "They'I have been so generous with their talents and their time and their voices and their platforms. There is value to that."

As for Hedges, who recently defined her sexuality as "not totally straight," He felt closer than ever to the LGBTQ community after making this film. "I'm deep now," he said Variety In the middle of showing her dancing moves and chugging a bottle of water on the red carpet. "I have a community of people who are at the forefront of this movement, be it'Garrard or some of the people from the Trevor Project that I met. I feel a personal connection with their stories and I feel invested in their lives and I Really worry about them"

While others expressed concern about the future of LGBTQ rights in America ("This is a really scary moment," Sivan said, while Conley said: "The administration is trying to kill us."), Hedges remains hopeful and even optimistic. "The beauty of where the world is going is that the harder it gets, the more people will stand up," he said. "And I believe that my generation, and in particular the previous one, is challenging the status quo in a really remarkable way. So I think there's an advantage and there is a lot of opposition For the president or for the administration at this time. There is a movement waiting to respond."

"Boy deleted" It is one of the most outstanding responses so far. "That'It is crucial that you play everywhere, for people who go to church and think that homosexual people need to be groomed, that'making satan's work, "said the co-star flea. Joel did a good job of telling a story without judging anyone," He added the LGBTQ musician / actor and ally for a long time. "I think this movie could be a powerful communication tool to help people love each other. Communication and love is the answer to everything."

"The moment I left the book, it was like I was dragged," Edgerton said of his emotional response to the memories. "It was a project like no other. He had chosen me more than me. I could not'Do not help him, you know? Somehow, I'I like it "Why have I spent a year and a half of my life doing this?' And I would never change it for the world."

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