It follows the trial between Sofía Vergara and her ex

adminDecember 29, 2018

Nick Loeb, the actor's ex-partner, has filed three lawsuits to give life to the frozen embryos they created under their relationship.

The endless trial of barranquillas Sofía Vergara and her expromido Nick Loeb reappear in the various media.

This time, the star's actress of the Modern Family series is asking a judge to prove that Nick really lives in Louisiana, where he filed the third lawsuit against him.

Sources near the artist indicate that the businessman does not remain in place and lies to go ahead with the trial.

While his legal representatives assure him that he has been able to establish his residence in this area, he has rented property, voting and driving license.

The reason

Nick filed the lawsuit in this state because the law gives personality to the embryos they created while having a relationship and remains in custody of the actor after she won the requirements of two previous occasions.

However, even though the couple lived temporarily in the state of Louisiana, the judge concluded that embryos were perceived in California.

The helm started when Loeb sued Vergara in 2015 in order to keep the custody of the creations they named Emma and Isabella after failing in their two attempts to get children through a surrogate mother.

That same year, the businessman wrote an article for The New York Times, as he called: Sofía Vergara's ex-boyfriend: our frozen embryos have the right to live, in this room he expressed his eager wishes to be a father.

By saying that many people have asked him why he does not go and have his own family, he replies with the intention of doing so, but he cannot let the two lives they created go to waste or "remain in a freezer until the end of times. "

Revealing that after finishing with Sofia asked to join the embryos to take the girls to term, ran with all the expenses and raise them, but the answer he received from the actor's lawyer was that she wanted to keep them frozen indefinitely.

The lawsuits against him continue despite the fact that both signed an agreement where the two parties would agree to implant embryos into the uterus. That's why Sofia concludes that this is a strategy by Nick Loeb to end the marriage with actor Joe Manganiello.

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