Isabel Silva confesses the barman of love – the television

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Isabel Silva was a guest of the Barman of Love and made surprising revelations to Ruben Rua, about the love life.

With a clear sense of humor, Isabel Silva kept the same record in the conversation with the presenter. Between several laughter, Isabel Silva talked about the conditions she had with ex-girlfriends, Miguel and Tiago: "I've never had many relationships. I've always been a woman with good relationships. My last relationship [com o Tiago] lasted five and a half years, and I really like to like and be equal and dedicate myself to that relationship. "

"All the people I've been with – there were very few, there were two – I've always looked at them as people who add value to me," said Love On Top host.

Having a relationship at a distance, one of the ex-boyfriends – who lived in Porto – Isabel Silva used the opportunity to advise: "You must practice attachments."

"Belinha", as it is known, also admitted the two indispensable qualities of a man to overcome Isabel Silva's heart: "You must have a sense of humor and whatever you do, you must be an enthusiast of life. If I find this man, I'll post the message here. [risos]".

The Nordic region did itself a rather funny insensitivity, and revealed the moment that took a girlfriend to fall in love with the presenter: "I got out of his car and I was in a short beige dress [..] and said "I have my underwear in the drawer" " [..] and he said: "At that moment you say that in the spontaneous way I realized that I am in love with this woman from the north

Later, Isabel Silva also left two types of conditions that would harm the couple's happiness: "I would never allow myself to be in a relationship that would deprive me of values, that is, interrupt me. And then there is another relationship … [a relação] It does not cancel you, but it does not add to you.

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