Is this the end of the line for Woody Allen?

adminDecember 31, 2018

Continuing charges for the director of sexual crimes against minors does not allow him to return to films.

A skilled filmmaker falls in shame when he is accused of harassing crimes committed decades ago. One by one, the regular friends leave him, sink him into a depression. The argument, apart from the absence of humor, may well be part of a movie by Woody Allen, not that it was the portrait of the director's own life in recent times.

The last accusation came from Babi Christina Engelhardt, a former model who confirms having maintained an intimate relationship that began in 1976 and which would last for eight years. Important detail: Babi was 16 at that time.

Complaints for involvement with minors are not newer. In 1991, Woody Allen took over the public relationship with the teenager Soon-Yi Previn, the adopted daughter of actress Mia Farrow, then her life's name. The following year, one of Mia's daughters Dylan Farrow became public to claim that he had been the victim of continued abuse of her stepfather. The case pulled through the courts without obvious condemnation but returned to the agenda this year with new and sordid details.

More and more alone

Contrary to what happened in the 1990s, Woody Allen, 83, did not avoid the accusations unhappily, or was not in the midst of the #Me Too movement, already defined as the new witch hunt.

The results of the ostracism are visible: for the first time since 1981, the director did not release any films in the year ending now. And it was not even for lack of work: The romantic comedy "Rainy Day in New York", a new chapter in her love affair with the "Big Apple", containing performances by Selena Gomez and Jude Law, remains unveiled. And no date announced for the effect, as the producers fear that a boycott resembles that made to Kevin Spacey, whose latest film was a monumental failure, occurred.

Most threatening to the filmmaker was the release of Dylan Farrow, so no known actor would ever accept being led by Allen, described as a "very toxic individual". Colin Firth, Mira Sorvino, Natalie Portman and Reese Witherspoon, some of the many actors who previously wanted to enter their own movie, even abducted the common heavy caches, in the name of prestige of being associated with Allen.

Adding to this boycott is the difficulty you will probably find for funding, it is very likely that "Magic Wheel", from 2017, was the first movie to debut. Unless a team of luck, which he has accustomed to movies like "Match Point", cross the path.

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