Is this part of the Forbidden Apple 29th episode available? The stars are shot in the house!

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Fox TV screens meet with their audience on Monday 24 December in the second part of Forbidden Apple; Yildiz, who came to complete separation from Khalid, temporarily left his house for this reason, as he always did, to keep his attitude to himself. The Last Part of Prohibited Apple; When there was an avalanche problem with Halit, Yildiz became breathless next to Kemal, who had no interest in him, but he was relieved of the arrest by talking to Halit. While Halit certainly made a movement of affection and forgiveness from Yildiz, he was expected to be a fork of the Forbidden Appeal 29 after following the selfish attitude of self and his selfish attitude and irreconcilable behavior. So, after the crisis between Alihan and Halit was unpredictable and increasingly proliferative, did Ender begin to investigate the underlying factors, and the result was an unimaginable conclusion, The Forbidden Issue 29 episode was published? Here in the last part, the way to proceed with Kemal's suitcase and run to the house while Halit and Zehra & yu are sitting at the wedding table sees the latest developments in the series!

Banned by publishing the approach to the strategy?

The film was produced by Zeynep Soyata and Melis Civelek, and the director chair Neslihan Yeşilyurt and the producer Yasak Elma 29 episode trailer were produced by Fatih Aksoy.


On the roll; Speaking Bulut, Selv Sam, Onur Tuna, Eda Ece, Sevda Erginci The Forbidden Apple will be in front of the audience of Fox TV monitors Monday, December 31, at 8pm.


Prohibited apple 29 episode trailer

Banned what was eleven in the last chapter?

The Last Part of Prohibited Apple; When he comes home, he gives Halit a last chance and waits for recovery. That Halit doesn't understand him and doesn't strive for his relationship leads him to make a radical decision. Surprising guest Alihan from the company's New Year's party is disturbed. Zeynep will not hear Alihan's warnings. Ender will investigate the cause of the tension between Alihan and Halit while enjoying Taşdemir.

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