Is there a new episode of Pit 49? Here is January 7 Show TV broadcast

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Show TV screen phenomenon series Çukur finally came to the screen on Monday 24 December 48 episode. There was a big bet in the last part of Çukur, who was in the air of a seasonal finale. The slope was shot in the woods by someone he felt very close and never expected. Why does the new part of the pit tonight? The 49th part of Çukur will not be published tonight. With the new year, Çukur's shooting started. However, the new section of the popular series is expected to be released on Monday, January 21, after a four-week break.

January 7, 2019, Show TV will be on the screen again.

The Pit 2.S Zone 15.Chapter (5)

The last part of the pit "Who hit the ground?" Ask the confused mind. Slope & # 39; & # 39; Why & # 39; to say & # 39; Is the Med beating Slope, Vartolu, Meke, Celasun or Selim's son Akin Kocovali? & # 39; thought of the question.

Çukur and Mahsun, who have lost a big loss in Çukur, are looking for a way to not introduce the Koçova people. Ceto finds the help he is looking for persuasive tours. The slope waiting in the woods is waiting for a bad surprise. Although the meeting is waiting on the hillside, when the vehicle's headlights are not closed, the rock starts to get angry. When management does not eat time to expect the slope can only ask why. The slope, after trying to get up after eating the other bullet, just gets worse. The slope remembers his memories as he begins to roll and stays where he falls. On social media it is claimed that the Medet is the person who has seen the silhouette in the light of the car light. Another possibility was that Selim's son Akın Koçovalı, who did not arrive today, had met Yamaç.


ÇETO killed ERSOY!
Karakuzular who believes one of them sells his brothers, Ersoy & # 39; is building a game. Only three people know that a fictitious operation is organized by Ceto and Mahsun, Ersoy is sure to expect it to ask. Ceto and Mahsun who killed Ersoy on the construction site wash this death on Koçovans. Ersoy, Mahsun died in the organs of Karakuzular Çozes, Ersoylenın neck cut.

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