Is the resurrection Ertuğrul tonight? When will the new section be published?

adminJanuary 9, 2019

After the release of the new episode trailer for the Ertugrul series, viewers who control the flow of broadcasts see whether the Resurrection Ertugrul series will be published this week. So, what is the resurrection Ertugrul tonight? When is the new episode?

The new part of the Resurrection Ertugrul series will not be released this week. The new episode will be on TRT 1 screens on Wednesday 16 January.

Lives in the last chapter

Ertugrul, the total treasures to be taken to Konya during the deportation, was told to be set up by Dragos Beybolat and asked him to take action. Baseball was not convinced, and Dragos had set up a trap that Ertugrul said. In this trap Ilbilge Hatun, Drago's new husband Uranos was kidnapped by the castle. What is the fate of İlbilge Hatun, kidnapped to the castle? Can he be rescued from the castle? What will Ertuğrul and Beybolat do in this regard?

Dragos had made a new move and Uranos was the victim of Ertugrul. Uranos, as well as the kidnapping İlbilge, as well as which other issues will cause? Ertuğrul had succeeded in bringing Sadreddin-i Konevi out of the Mongols' hands and breaking him safely to Ibnud Arabi. Will Ertugrul save other Mongols in Mongolia? Artuk, was set up and abducted by Emir Bahaedin's men. What happens to Artuk? Will Ertugrul find him safe? Will Ertugrul eliminate all these traps?

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