Is the pit 49-section fragment on the air? Are you sure you mean life on the slope?

adminDecember 26, 2018

On the TV show Çukur 48. Koçovalılar, Mahsun and Çeto under the leadership of the Karakuzu team strengthened their hand in collaboration with pulling the plug in operation was successful. In the last part of the pit; Çeto paid for all necessary financial and legal transactions of Karakuz and paid the price using Ersoy's betrayal. Koçovaliler advanced with a view to defeating Karakuzular each stage of the stage and all the teams in their teams to remove one by one by eliminating the lead with the lead, Lal & # 39; on the stage of one of the team's important men shot and killed. Vartolu, Saadet and his baby, who longed for pain in pain for a very long time, while safely restoring, are being questioned from the mountains to the trust of the people who are not expected to be betrayed by betrayal of persons not expected to be Çukur § 49 part. While Çeto, who could not even take a step in the neighborhood and destroyed his team, launched the move, Çukur 49 episode was published after Yamaç's shootings went to the meeting point unknown to Ersoy's death?


View TV screens of the requirements and success of the ongoing production of Cukur 49th episode trailer has not been published for now …


Gökhan Horzum's script is written and directed by Sinan Öztürk, and he hosts the stage. It will be broadcast on Show TV screens Monday 31 December at 20:00.


49. bulb of pit fragments

What was the last part of the pit?

In the last part of the pit; Ken sounds of fire in the pit are going to start a whole new era as there is a new and big big storm! Karakuzular, after the shocking losses, they must leave Çukur. "Koçovalılar, Çukuransiyonu takes back" the answer to the question whether the question is waiting, the blood pressure will not fall for a moment. Karakuzular, Çukur & # 39; though they do not want to use to end their power to avoid anyone. After learning that the slope, Felicity and her baby are alive, the brother will support Vartolu and do all she can to save them. Meanwhile, Selim's Cumali is shown before the emotions will live the moments. Koçovans will experience their happiness together after a long time. At the unexpected time, one of the main characters in the pit will change all the balances in Pit.

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