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Has Meghan babbled and betrayed that it doesn't take much longer for her baby to be born? At the traditional Christmas service in Sandringham, the Duchess showed very pregnant and in a cheerful mood. Royal Copenhagen fan Karen Anvil wanted to know from the prince's wife if she enjoyed the upcoming event. Then Meghan said, "Yes, we do. We almost did it."

This statement makes you sit up and notice it. Because it is still not an exact date of birth known. The castle had it Spring 2019 reported as the birth period. But Meghan's growing stomach and her statement that pregnancy is soon behind her suggest that the little one will see the light of day in the first quarter of the new year.

Acclaimed look at "Fashion Awards"

December 11: What a Wow Performance by Duchess Meghan! After the King of Prince Harry appeared for several weeks, especially in long dresses, thus refusing everyone to look at the baby, she now took up everything. At the "Fashion Awards" in London, the Duchess of Sussex made a surprising appearance and gave a speech to Givenchy's chief designer, Clare Waight Keller, who was also responsible for Megan's wedding dress.

On stage, Meghan was received with bowl and standing ovations – probably also thanks to her glamorous appearance. Her black velvet dress sat as a glove on the Duchess – and underlined the baby's bump very well! Again and again, the former actress stroked the already strong adult belly, as if they didn't get enough of it, and the flap itself still couldn't understand. The expectation of Royal Baby does not only work well with the fans, but also with the proud mother.

George and Amal Clooney are said to be gods and gods

November 30: Who can sponsor the next royal baby? Meghan and Harry will think twice. After all, they place great emphasis on community involvement, earthquake and respect for human rights. It can be expected that they will also educate their child with these values.

Who would be better suited to sponsors than George, 57 and Amal, 40, Clooney? The actor and lawyer are close friends to Harry and Meghan. In addition, George Clooney is intensively engaged in war zones and his wife is considered one of the best human rights lawyers in the world.

The British newspaper "Daily Mail" brings the couple into the race for the important task of sponsoring. Amal and Duchess have been good friends for several years, and Meghan should consider the 40-year-old to be a good model for her unborn child, reports a source from Clooney's environment. George and Harry had come closer through their wives and they also joined a good friendship.

Duchess Kate is looking forward to the children

November 29: Duchess Meghan, 37, and Prince Harry, 34, become parents for the first time next spring – the joy is great. And not only with royal fans all over the world, but also with the royal family. For example, sister-in-law Duchess Catherine, 36, now, according to "Gala", talked for the first time about family growth.

On a deal in Leicester, wife of Prince William, 36, spoke to some fans. And of course they didn't hesitate to ask the Duchess about their future nephew or future niece. And Catherine was very excited. "It's just such a special time to have children. And also for George, Charlotte and Louis, because they get a cousin. It's getting very special!"

But the children will not grow up in the same household. Last week, the British Palace confirmed that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan will be staying next year at Frogmore Cottage on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Prince Charles speaks of proposed names for his grandchild

NOVEMBER 27: Prince Charles is in a good mood! The future grandfather of Prince Harry and the Duchess Meghan's baby has revealed quite interesting details in celebrating the 100th anniversary of "Australia House" in London.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Prince Charles began his speech. By the way, my son Harry says he and his wife received countless thoughtful suggestions to name their baby during their recent trip to Australia. "He thinks he knows what name to do the race:" Just among us, I suspect Kylie and Shane may be on the list. "

He didn't think it was Edna or Les. He makes an allusion to British comedian Barry Humphries, who was in the audience and represented the two characters Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson.

But it can also be quite excluded that the child will hear in the name of Kylie or Shane, as the future grandfather believes. The British kings always choose a traditional name for their children, often with family background. Prince Harry's nephew, Prince George, for example, was named after the father of Queen Elizabeth II, 92.

As with some royal offspring, the big games on how the child will begin again. For British bookmakers, classic names are very popular. According to "The Week" are the most traded buzz names Arthur and Edward. For the girls, however, should be a Diana, Elizabeth or Alice according to the participants.

Harry and Meghan set up the reason for their offspring

November 26, 2018: Let's go to the family home! Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan will mute before their first child's birth. Kensington Palace, where the couple lives with Prince William, Duchess Kate and three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will leave Harry and Meghan on their way west in early 2019.

To BAt the beginning of the new year, the couple will pack their belongings and have them delivered to their new home. This will be Frogmore Cottage on Windsor Castle grounds beginning in January. Windsor is "a special place" for the Duchess and Prince, British media say a castle statement. The two were grateful that they wanted their official residence on the property.

At the new address they are two 45 minutes from central London. Memories of the property are beautiful, though: at Windsor Castle, Harry and Meghan celebrated their dream wedding in May this year.

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According to The Sun, the future home of Harry and Meghan, Frogmore Cottage, is undergoing renovation. The young family will be accompanied by ten bedrooms as well as a gym and a yoga studio.

Meghan is already thinking about matching Ämtli for the baby

November 17, 2018: Emliplan and Subway: The unborn child of Prince Harry and the Duchess Meghan will grow up as normal. The royal expert Omid Scobie reports in today's issue it "US Weekly"According to this, Meghan hopes to raise children "who know the value of everyday things in life".

So she takes the kids on the subway. And as with Müller and Meier, there is also a map of the windsurfers. "You won't be spoiled," Scobie continues. This will allow them to live a more normal life than their child's cousins, Prince George, 5 and Prince Louis, six months as well as cousin Princess Charlotte, 3, stay. Especially, Prince George, Grandpa Prince Charles and Dad Prince William In the third place for the success of the throne, many are already facing many royal obligations at the age of children.

With their dogged education methods, Harry and Meghan will bring up children who are "hard-working world citizens," as the royal expert knows. But if possible? A life in the limelight is already inevitable for the unborn child in the famous and beloved English royal family.

Duchess Meghan runs away the assistant

November 10, 2018: One can think that being able to work for the Duchess of Sussex is a great privilege. But departure from Meghan's personal assistant shocked the British kings. According to several media reports, the related confidential name Melissa has gone from one day to the next. The lack of understanding in the castle is great.

Among other things, the personal assistant is said to have arranged a large part of the royal wedding of Meghan and Harry in the spring. Especially the unrest over the family of the bride Melissa had regulated. The bigger the loss now, as Meghan expects his first child. Palace sources are talking about a shock.

Prince Charles is concerned about his future grandchild

November 7, 2018: On his journey to Africa, the expectant grandfather talked about the future of the grandchild. Prince Charles, 69, is currently in Ghana with his wife Camilla, 71, who gives a talk about plastic pollution: "As you know, I'll soon have another grandchild. And I think many of you are or will be Grandparents For me, we are bound to inherit our children this totally polluted, destroyed and destroyed world. Our grandchildren deserve a better future. "

Environmental protection is very important for the British kings. Recently, Prince William visited projects in Africa to fight poaching. The 36-year-old is president of the organization "United4Wildlife". Princess Eugenie of York, 29, and Jack Brooksbank, 32, celebrated their wedding without plastic, as the princess revealed in one of her rare interviews.


Prince Charles gave a speech on environmental pollution in Ghana.

Will Kate and William become sponsors?

November 6: The child of Meghan and Harry are born in the spring, and it is already speculated who will take over the role of the father for the little one. And although one might think that Harry's brother, Prince William, 36, and his wife, Duchess Catherine, 36, are on the ancestors of ancestors, this is unlikely.

Among the young British cones, it is a little rare that uncle or aunt of the baptisms become sponsors. William and Kate chose for their three children George, 5, Charlotte, 3, and Louis, six months, close friends instead of relatives. This is because they want to offer their children a larger circle of supporters, a distinguisher from the Royals UK magazine "Hi" reported. "Harry and William and their wives are already very close anyway and will always play a major role in the children's lives. Therefore, Meghan and the prince may well make friends or other family members of grandparents."

Dukas / PA Pictures

Big Day for Mini-Royal: Prince Louis was baptized July 9, 2018.

Meghan hires a star architect for her new home

November 5: As soon as she returns from her great Pacific voyage, the Duchess Meghan decides to account for her family. The expectant mother and her husband, Prince Harry, 33, are said to have purchased a property in the small village of Great Tew, Oxfordshire, in the summer, on which they are now building. David, 43, and Victoria, 44, Beckham, own a country estate in the same area. Designer and husband were guests at the Royal Wedding and are said to be close friends with Meghan and Harry.

So it's no wonder that the style-conscious Meghan is targeting her boyfriend for interior design of their home. According to the English newspaper "Express", this task will be transmitted by the stars architects Vicky Charles and Julia Cordon, wife of comedian James Cordon. In addition to Beckhams, the duo has already created the English holiday home George, 57, and Amal, 40, Clooney.

However, Meghan and Harry's main residence will currently be their 2.5 bedroom cottage in Kensington Palace. It is assumed that the couple will move to a larger part of the property after birth. The Apartment One has 21 rooms and has been renovated for several months.

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A WG of a special type: Kensington Palace from above and like Royal living there.

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