Is Meghan Markle Pregnant With Twins? Fans think they have evidence

adminDecember 31, 2018

Game houses have even forced people to stop Meghan Markle getting twins after a real invasion last month, journalists at say. It didn't stop fans from being convinced that a 37-year-old actress and Prince Harry had to buy two cots in their new home from Frogmore.

Furthermore, it appears that sources near the couple believe that the royal family will have two new members, not one, and one of them even bets.

The British press also notes that it is not rare for women over 35 to bring twins into the world. "For mothers of 20 and a few years, there is a chance that 1 to 16 have twins. For mothers aged 35 and 39 is one of five pregnancies twin. Everything comes from hormones. There are more chances to get more eggs released. during menstruation, writes siteul BabyCentre

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