Is Meghan Markle back to "Suits"? What an unusual offer made by the manufacturers!

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Meghan Markel may return to the movie sets "Suits" if he accepts the unusual suggestion of his former boss. They took all their weapons on hold, so Meghan could interpret his role in television production so that the gigantic NBC Universal (who finances the series), if she accepts it, agreed to pay a multi-million dollar donation to a charitable organization , so appealing to the philanthropic side of the Duchess of Sussex.

What was Meghan Markle's suggestion from the manufacturers of "Suits"

The offer comes after it was discovered that Meghan Markle is still paid by the United States actors association. NBC Universal wants Meghan for a recent episode and plans to broadcast a two-minute movie hit in the UK where the protagonist is the Duchess of Sussex if he agrees to appear again in the series, according to Mirror.

"Filming can take half a day or less. We haven't received any answers, but negotiations are likely to open in the near future. I've heard that large volumes are being talked about – two to six million dollars, which sounds a lot – but it would Being one of the greatest successes in marketing in television history, "said one source of American television, quoted in the previous publication.

The show is broadcast by the NBC-owned US channel, and although the Duchess of Sussex has already been interpreted by another actress, fans still require Meghan Markle's presence in television production, although her latest appearance was in the episode sent April 25, 2018, only 24 days before the royal wedding. In the recent episode of Meghan's "Suits", fans have seen Rachel Zane (Meghan's character) marry Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams).

Can Meghan come back to the small screens?

The Kesington Palace sources have not yet commented on the subject, but the manufacturer's suggestion may be outlined when Meghan agreed to participate in small projects, even though she gave up the actor's career.

The source added that the scenario could also change, creating a new story in which Rachel and Mike lead a new life to include Meghan's pregnant stomach. However, it should be noted that shortly after announcing that he would marry Prince Harry, Meghan explained that he resigned from acting. If the Duchess of Sussex adheres to the rules of the British royal family, or if it finds "a loophole," it remains to be seen.

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