Is Jessica Mulroney's stylist Meghan Markle? Apparently, the duchess's best friend is helping out on her real tour

adminOctober 15, 2018

When you have your BFF by your side, your presence always gives you that extra boost of confidence you need to take the world. For Meghan Markle, that statement is quite literal, as it turns out that her best friend, Jessica Mulroney, will apparently accompany her on the Duchess's first international tour. According to The timesMulroney will be there in an "unofficial" capacity, but since he works full-time as a celebrity stylist, it would not be a surprise if he lent me a tailor's hand to Meghan. So, Jessica Mulroney's stylist Meghan Markle? It has been said in the past that you should never mix business with friendship, but these two seem to be making it work.

According to The times, Jessica Mulroney and her husband Ben Mulroney will join the Sussex in an "unofficial" capacity and, as a result, "pay their own expenses", unlike the ten members of the royal family who will join them.

Although it has not been confirmed that Mulroney will design the Duchess for her public appearances, it seems that Meghan Markle will need help planning her wardrobe, since "supposedly she will change her clothes up to three times a day, while at "In addition to the recent Kensington Palace announcement that she is expecting the first Baby Sussex, it's no wonder she would like more support from her best friend.

Now, I'm a quick change of queen, but since Meghan and Harry will be out for sixteen days, I'm frankly exhausted in Meghan's name. If we take seriously the statement of the three outfits per day, you will have to wear 48 different looks during the tour and TBH do not even think I have so many in my own closet.

It would not be an exaggeration to imagine that Mulroney has everything arranged in the name of his friend, since he has previously qualified some of the previous ones Costumes The most memorable costumes of the actress since she became part of the royal family.

According to Good morning americaMulroney was responsible for Markle's costumes in her first major series of appearances as the Duchess of Sussex: her Irish tour with Prince Harry. According to correspondent Omid Scobie, "Jessica Mulroney quietly I flew to London last week for the final preparation ", and helped to gather a set of looks for royalty.

These included a fierce Givenchy outfit (which I loved, but the Queen would undoubtedly have detested, according to People) and an elegant Roland Mouret dress with an unusual frill detail on the front.

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Scobie also claimed that Mulroney helped Meghan Markle channel a very Hollywood environment into the RAF Centennial Service with a completely classic Dior black dress. The stylist paid an attentive tribute to Meghan's Givenchy wedding dress with round neckline, a silhouette that has since become synonymous with duchess, and added a real style with a Stephen Jones helmet.

Apparently, Mulroney also devised my Favourite The Meghan Markle look of all time – a.k.a. what an unforgettable canon yellow dress by brandon maxwell. Meghan wore the slightest shin-length dress earlier this year and I literally have not stopped thinking about it since then. Markle does not usually use much color, so the main supports for Mulroney for having pushed her wonderfully out of her comfort zone in this case.

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Jessica Mulroney, a native of Canada, has a habit of turning to designers from her home country and is clearly something that aligns with Markle, who lived there for several years while filming Costumes. Meghan and the other members of the royal family exercise a massive power as fashion influencers and the use of anything from a small brand can catapult them instantly to fame. That's why, when Mulroney designed Markle in a piece by the independent Canadian brand House of Nonie, it meant a lot to the designer.

House of Nonie shared an image of Meghan Markle wearing her sleeveless Trench dress on Instagram. They subtitled it, "What an incredible day for us! The impressive Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle in our sleeveless ditch dress. Available to order at # pinchme # wearcanadaproud ".

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They also specifically thanked Jessica Mulroney, leaving little doubt about who chose the dress for Meghan. The designer of the brand Nina Kharey said HELLO! that after Meghan used the piece, "her phone started ringing with messages from her publicist."

She continued: "It was amazing, it was really surreal."

In fact, if you go to the website of House of Nonie and look at the dress that Meghan wore (the sleeveless ditch with blush), its impact has lasted even months after using it.

The demand for the dress has apparently been so high that it is totally exhausted and you also have to put yourself on a waiting list for the exact version you were wearing.

It's crazy to think that by choosing as simple as what to wear, Meghan Markle can have such a huge impact on the lives of other people. But after seeing how much Mulroney's style meant to Kharey, I got a little excited.

"Finally, I can not only prove to the world that I am worthy of attention and time, but that I also proved it to myself and my family in some way," he concluded.

Here they hope that Meghan and Mulroney will continue to use their platform to give a boost to the smaller designers. Frankly, I can not WAIT for all the more than 40 looks of the real tour that we will see in the coming weeks.

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