Is it worth avoiding losing Istanbul?

adminDecember 26, 2018

I recently wrote in a comprehensive and chronological way; a serious center-to-center operation or resistance medium before each choice is missed since 2007! Here is the latest charge held for advocates and leaders advocates!

Now it's also on Halk TV!


The main program of Halk TV, the news program in all news channels in the continuous category, the leading investigator journalist compiled and presented by Uğur Dündar & # 39; s People & # 39; s Arena, is meant to be turned into a target.

The government wants to suppress the bodies that are opposition voices before the local elections, and want to fish in blurry water by making the water cloudy. Already more polarized society to stretch thoroughly polarize this lonely and beautiful country, dear Turkey over & # 39; stamp & # 39; is not a good sign.

Who does overpopulation work?

Who is profitable by extreme polarization? In a country with such fragile and error lines, is FETO profitable kırıl Other? PKK is profitable for others? The imperial focus behind them is profitable çok Most power should feel this responsibility. He must be careful. President Erdoğan should be more tolerant, more inclusive, more in everyone's president baş. On the contrary, the faster the hands of the "one-man regime" and the consistency "I played the whistle dominate" If Turkey sees that mood is running very, very painful.


It is very important for President Erdogan to succeed in local elections, especially to protect Istanbul and Ankara. Because the new regime wants to approve, not to get water for the power ship. Turkey's first two major provinces, managing more than a quarter of the population sees as open opposition to losing nightmares. But one thing to keep in mind is that the country's well-being is more important than losing and winning. It should be more important not to destroy values ​​that hold society together and not to harm society at large. Of course for this git to take the choice-based on the choice and choice to come and choose; after going to work again to come to power.


At that point, I will bring to Halk Arenası, Metin Akpınar and Müjdat Gezen, who were held in Kadıköy on Friday night. That night I was in the room where the show was taken. I looked at the Arena with Yılmaz Özdil and the presenter, Atilla Köprülüoğlu. The impression in the club was that it was a nice and pleasant program.

Uğur Dündar is a very careful and attentive programmer on broadcasting principles. Each program emphasizes what cannot happen in the Arena. It does not give or abstain from defamation, insult, ugly promises. It is not clear to the sentences that will lead to misunderstandings. In fact, we heard that the coup and the revolutions are no longer behind, that they should be d, and that he drew them with bold lines. Mujdat Gezen and Metin Akpinar emphasized that they should not be overwhelmed by the chest. Even Metin Akpınar stated that the olduğun election had a place on the winner's head Hatta. Of course, two artists in intellectual responsibility have taken some stimulus evaluations in favor of power. They even criticized CHP President Kılıçdaroğlu for their use of satirical art, not only in power, but also in the channel identified with the cogeneration business.

Despite all this, coups are called these two champions, who have taken the age of Turkish theater, and bring the people to the galaxy, etc. It is very exaggerated to do the additions. Uğur Dündar is also a dar brand "who believes in people's arena that picks democracy and folklore, which for many years has been free for democracy and democracy's democracy.

In summary, the pulse is called People's Arena on December 21, and so on. take off. While this may be a misplaced intent, the hometown knows that the intentions of these masters are not bad and that they are led to democracy warmly. There is no point in dragging your hometown into a chaotic environment when designing the pre-election environment. This is a wise line.


Let him, the ruling Istanbul, Ankara lose. Half the country to lose more polarization with the other half. The power loses this time, so he gets an extra. He has a chance. But if the homeland and the nation split like watermelon, crumbled, if the hearts of bridges collapsed, the throne is to live together shaken, it is very difficult to repair.

It is our neck duty to make this historic warning. Abdülhamit period-like methods of rapid examination, the eyes of the intestines; What is the choice of prosecutor? Tolerance, democracy, justice and independent jurisdiction are primarily in the country and nation.

Several professionals called Ayhan Kara


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