Is it Ashley Crazy In Love or simply Plain Crazy?

adminOctober 22, 2018


90-day finale: Leida spoiled makes Eric decide between her and her daughter

ASHLEY at 90 Day Fiance (TLC)

In season 6 premiere of Promised 90 days, "The Clock Is Tickin", all are on the edge before their foreign partners arrive. As with the other seasons, members of the family of committed stars are cynical about their upcoming weddings and add to already stressful situations. Well, some are more stressed than others. Cute blonde ashley says he does not care at this time if his Jamaican fiancé Jay He cheats on her And even if Jesus came down from heaven and told the single mom in Pennsylvania that Jay was cheating, "I would not do anything about it."

The[[Binge watch seasons 1-3 when you want]

On Facebook, TLC raises the question: "Ashley is crazy about love or just crazy" to think that her man will leave his party behind him before they get married? An intelligent fan wrote: "It's not cheating if she does not care", a well-received comment. Another wrote: "Maybe she is doing the same …" Hmm. Still, the question remains. New episodes of Promised 90 days It airs on Sundays at 8 pm on TLC.


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