Is it a Tesla from Banksy in St.Gallen?

adminDecember 31, 2018

Passersby has discovered a car in the middle of St.Gallen, which is completely covered with tape. According to a note on the car, it may be the work of English street artist Banksy.

A red Tesla, attached with tape, attracted the attention of St.Gallen passersby last night. The car was parked on Müller-Friedberg-Strasse near Blumenbergplatz. The inside was a note to see, which makes the conclusion that losing tape Tesla is some of the work with English street artist Banksy.



Therefore, the car bears the name Banksystreetcar and is related to the art gallery Lazinc in London. The gallery belongs to Steve Lazarides, who has formed Banksy's career significantly. A request to the gallery is still unanswered. Even a search for the Zurich license plate loses itself after a short while in the sand.

Car is allowed to drive around like this

Stadtpolizei St.Gallen cannot provide information on the Tesla adhesive on request. But if this is a rascal, the owner can fight back. "The tape would surely leave residue, therefore there is an ad for damage to the property," said spokesman Roman Kohler.

However, the car may be in this condition. The tape is technically no danger.

Mysterious artist

Banksy is generally little known about the artist. He wraps himself in his artwork in silence and leaves the interpretation of his work to the public. It is therefore difficult to say whether St.Gallen is a real "Banksy". That he likes to break things is known. For example, he has recently demolished his own image. The broken paint of Tesla would fit well with it.

By the way, some time ago, the same car was also observed in Pratteln.


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