Is Dilton Dead in & # 39; Riverdale & # 39 ;? The premiere of the third season leaves its destiny in the air

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Spoilers ahead for From Riverdale Season 3 premiere. One more year, another mystery to unravel. Riverdale, whose third season premiered on Wednesday, October 10. After the great revelation that Black Hood is Betty's father, it was only a matter of time before a new murderer began to terrorize the so-called "city with desire". This time, it's a person called the Gargoyle King, who seems to be leaving his mark on the whole community, literally, when it comes to an unfortunate boy scout leader. But it's Dilton Doiley really dead in RiverdaleOr was that mysterious scene in the forest another of the false tracks of the show?

At the beginning of the episode, Dilton approaches Jughead looking terrified and exhausted. "Ben and I, we thought it was just a stupid role-playing game, but it's not, it's much more, he's real," he stutters. When Jug asks who he's talking about, Dilton says: "The King of Gargoyles."

And, unfortunately for Dilton, that is not the last time viewers see it at the premiere. When Jughead returns to his house, he finds a roll on the table, which the boy scout allegedly left him to find it. Sketched in the paper a spooky illustration that shows the skull of an animal supported on wooden stilts. On the other side there are some red marks and a map of Riverdale, which points to Fox Forest Park. Jughead rushes there and finds a life-size replica of the skull's totem, which is surrounded by bones and lights candles in a kind of disturbing voodoo altar. Besides, Dilton and Ben are collapsing underneath, shirtless, bloody and immobile. Those same red marks are cut on the back (which the public also sees later on the poster of the city of Riverdale). And while Ben moves, it's not clear if Dilton is alive or not.

While Dilton is not a major player in Riverdale, has had an integral role from the beginning. He fired the gun during the Adventure Scout demonstration on the Sweetwater River when they found the body of Jason Blossom, and saw Ms. Grundy's car parked by the river. The leader of the troop with glasses may seem quite docile and buttoned, but may have some secrets of his own, especially considering that it was he who gave Archie a weapon to pursue the Black Hood. So, although it's not clear if Dilton is still alive or not, he definitely has some murky things going on.

What is also uncertain is whether the King of the Gargoyles, or perhaps the death of Dilton, have something to do with the creepy cult of the farm to which Mrs. Cooper has joined with her daughter, Polly. At the end of the episode, Betty discovers them in the backyard, dressed in white, and goes around a bonfire. Alice and Polly hold the two twins over the flames and suddenly, dangerously, release them. However, instead of being burned alive, the two babies float on their heads like something out of Beetle juice. Betty immediately falls and begins to seize, as she does one after seeing her mother and sister in a strange cult to the floating baby farm run by a man named Edgar Evernever.

This strange moment has elements similar to the scene that Jughead discovered in the forest, which could mean that Dilton is involved in some way with what is happening with the farm. Is it possible that Gargoyle King and Edgar Evernever are the same? Whatever the case, someone Dilton wounded And with Archie in jail, his friends will have to step up and find the culprit before he (or she) claims even more innocent victims.


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