"Is a three-month-old child exposed?" Beyza Şekerci's answer came

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Some pictures of the couple who shared the color squares from the social media account caused criticism of their followers.

Some followers known couples çocuk three-month-old children are so risky? Both are cold and there is a risk of esi criticizing her comments. Beyza Şekerci did not remain silent in incoming messages and shared this image and wrote:

… I was not happy with my heart that this picture was used on the story.

As a society, babies do not do many things, the newborn woman closes the house, the parents have lived away from the past long since the past has molds.

For someone I respect, I respect, but we don't live that way! We are in a more healthy, abundant oxygen range than being in many airless crowds in and out of Istanbul. Candirı dressed beautifully and enjoyed enjoying short-term fresh air with joy and peace of mind.

Everything is under control. I mean, can be involved in our lives and we are in his life.

Recommend from us, there is nothing more valuable. Thank God. "

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