Iron fist canceled after two seasons on Netflix

adminOctober 13, 2018

The Marvel shows on Netflix felt as immortal as the Iron Fist thanks to the base of vocal viewers and the place established in the MCU. Unfortunately, the viewers of one of those programs were not always vocal in the most positive way, and Iron fist was widely criticized as the least successful of the six Marvel shows on Netflix. Now, Iron fist He has officially achieved the ax and will not return for a third season on Netflx.

Cancellation of Iron fist This is the first time that one of the Netflix series on Marvel has been canceled, which may surprise fans as soon as the next season of Reckless Launches in the streaming giant. That said, cancellation does not mean that nobody should worry about the future of Reckless or Jessica Jones. In fact, it is possible that Iron fist Actually it is not 100% done.

Marvel and Netflix shared in a joint statement (through the deadline) that although the series ended on Netflix, "the immortal Iron fist he'll still be alive. "While that might mean that Danny Rand will appear on some of the other Marvel shows that have not been canceled on Netflix (or maybe in a second season of The defenders, which has not been ruled out), Disney may have bigger plans in mind to Iron fist.

Marvel supposedly wanted Iron fist to continue with Netflix, with the cancellation because Disney is considering bringing Iron fist Come back to life in your next streaming service. The Disney broadcast service is already scheduled to include series featuring characters such as Loki and Scarlet Witch, and its MCU actors are expected to repeat their roles. Iron fist You could also find a home in that transmission service. If Disney can disburse large sums for the next. Star Wars Series, surely another season of Iron fist It is not out of the question!

After all, if Netflix would lose a series of Marvel before the release of Disney's broadcast service, that series would probably be Iron fist. Both of them Jessica Jones Y The Punisher New seasons have already been ordered, and there is a good chance that Luke Cage It will land another season too. As for Reckless, Marvel apparently has enough ideas to maintain the program during season 4 and beyond.

I have to ask myself if the cancellation of Iron fist it will affect the way people see or not the other Marvel series on Netflix. Before, when there seemed to be nothing that prevented the transmitter from renewing any of them year after year, there was not so much urgency to look. Now that the cancellation is apparently on the table … well, anything can happen. The official Iron fist The Twitter account has already shared a post that recognizes the cancellation indirectly:

We'll have to wait and see if Netflix uses one of his continuous Marvel shows to solve the Iron fist cliffhanger. The first two seasons of Danny Rand's adventures, as well as The defenders are available on Netflix, along with Reckless, Jessica Jones, Luke CageY The Punisher.

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