Iris Mittenaere: Closer than ever to Anthony Colette for the final!

adminNovember 29, 2018

Iris Mittenaere and Anthony Colette make their last dance on the floor at DALS 9, Saturday 1 December. And she looks hot!

The dance finale with 9 season stars approaches quickly. On Saturday, December 1, Iris Mittenaere and Anthony Colette will meet Clément Rémiens and Denitsa. They will dance together for the very last time after weeks of rehearsals and live rewards. And for this last dance, Iris and Anthony decided to dance on a romba that looks quite hot. MCE tells you more.

Iris Mittenaere at the doors of victory

In fact, former Miss France and her partner decided to bluff the jury with a rumba, Saturday, December 1 at TF1. Already in another prize, Iris Mittenaere, before dancing very significantly with Anthony Colette, followed by the dance in the rain. And apparently, romba next Saturday can be even warmer!

So we could see in a video posted on the TF1 website, Anthony Colette in the rehearsal. And he reveals some more details about their next dance in the final. For our last romba I will notice it, to make a mark on us, to mark the judges and the people who will look at us " he explains to former Miss Universe. And in the same video, Anthony uses the opportunity to afford his partner. He therefore asks him to work with the interpretation for "Tell a story" to the public. The duo will dance a rumba on my statement about France Gall. Everything must be played, everything must be interpreted. It must be strong, it must be powerful. We must have a connection between us when we dance when we stand when we get out. There must always be excitement adds the young man.

Iris Mittenaere very close to Anthony Colette!

In fact, the two youngsters seem very close since the beginning of this adventure. Iris Mittenaere and Anthony Colette were apparently good and did not hesitate to make any statements. The young person had already written a very touched word for his partner on social networks, but this time it was Anthony who made a statement during the training that speaks volumes.
I'm very happy to have lived this adventure with you. I could not dream better as a partner. It makes me a ball to sell to tell me it's over. Whether you win or not, I do not care … "Anthony Colette told him very moved.